The Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism is encouraging visitors and locals alike to get out and enjoy some of the more iconic sites across Rome.

But they want you to prove that you were there.

Georgia’s Rome Selfie Tour is a list of locations across Rome and Floyd County that represent some of the best and most beautiful or iconic spots we’ve got to offer. The idea is that visitors (and locals) will travel to these locations, take selfies, post them to Instagram using the hashtag #RomeGeorgia and have a great time in the process.

“The selfie tour is in its early stages,” said Deise Gomez, marketing coordinator for the Greater Rome Office of Tourism. “We originally started pushing this more for national selfie day (June 21), but we’d like it to be an ongoing thing.”

The locations cover a wide range of interests. Some are historic while others are newer. Some are easily accessible and can be driven to while others may require a bit of a walk or even a hike. But they’re all a part of what makes the community special. They are...

1. House O’ Dreams

2. Berry College Opportunity Drive canopy

3. Berry College Ford Castle

4. Frost Chapel at Berry College

5. City Clocktower

6. Myrtle Hill Cemetery Skyline

7. Robert Redden Footbridge

8. The Old Mill at Berry College

9. Pedestrian Bridge at the Town Green

10. Oak Hill & Martha Berry Museum

11. Rome-Floyd ECO Center

12. Last Stop Gift Shop Caboose

13. The Rome Labyrinth

14. The famous cave in Cave Spring

15. The Capitoline Wolf

16. The Historic DeSoto Theatre

Gomez said while many people already know exactly where the locations are, many out-of-town visitors don’t. So the tourism office has created a map of the locations as a guide. Those maps are available at the Last Stop Gift Shop on Jackson Hill.

“We have online maps as well as physical maps showing all the stops,” she said. “We want people to get out and be active and to learn more about our famous landmarks. I have to admit that personally I was unaware of a few of these before now. So this could be a learning experience for a lot of people, even people who live in Rome.”

Gomez encourages those who take selfies at any of the locations, to post them to social media, particularly to Instagram, and to use the hashtag #RomeGeorgia. If hashtagged, some of those photos could be featured on the tourism office’s web site and social media pages.

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