lets be real book cover

Rome author Emily Katherine Dalton has released a new book, “Let’s Be Real: Cultivating Authenticity in a Journey from Loss to Life.”

The book tells of Dalton’s personal experience of losing her father at a young age.

At the age of 22, Dalton’s heart was broken and her faith was shattered when her father died suddenly, and on the day of her birthday no less. She found herself devastated, confused, and desperate for answers and for healing. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one knows this painful struggle, and for those experiencing that devastating loss, Dalton provides a much needed solace in “Let’s Be Real: Cultivating Authenticity in a Journey from Loss to Life.”

Dalton is a Christian author and full time ministry worker. She holds a degree in Psychology from Berry College minoring in Spanish and Women and Gender studies, and is pursuing a Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

She works in college ministry for a non-profit parachurch ministry, and is also a volunteer at First Presbyterian Church in Rome where she loves teaching the Bible to middle and high school girls. She currently writes for various ministry blogs including LifeWay Girls Ministry, Reformed Youth Ministry, and Youth Specialties.

Drawing from years of ministering and counseling others, Dalton offers insights into processing emotional trauma and provides faith-based comfort and support. Candidly exploring the doubt, anger, and depression that often accompany loss, Let’s Be Real provides a safe space to delve into painful emotions while acknowledging that sometimes there aren’t answers for the pain we face, but there is healing to be found. Comforting, encouraging, and deeply relatable, the book helps to navigate the grief of loss in an unrestrained and unashamed way.

“Let’s Be Real: Cultivating Authenticity in a Journey from Loss to Life” will be released Feb. 4 and will retail for $12.99.

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