You would not believe how often I hear “I’m too busy for self-care” or “I’ll take time out for me when I’m not so busy.” Truth is, you’ll always be too busy for self-care unless you make time for it. Self-care is not indulgent, it is not pampering, self-care is a much needed and very necessary thing that everyone should be doing. Taking time for you is paramount for your health, both emotional and physical, and should never be neglected.

Self care can be as simple as carving out a half hour to watch your favorite show, or read a chapter in your favorite book. It can also mean massages, yoga, or that fabulous mani-pedi you’ve been meaning to get.

But self-care can be more than that too. Self-care may mean just getting away from your stress for a while, taking a walk in the park, it could mean doing unconventional things that others wouldn’t consider to be self-care. That’s the beauty of it, it’s completely customizable to your own needs and lifestyle.

Some ways that you may want to self-care are:

Get out in the sun – Lifting your Vitamin D levels can help boost your body’s ability to replenish energy levels and help keep your body strong.

Take a walk – Exercise raises endorphins and serotonin levels so that your anxiety can relax and melt away.

Meditate – While it calms your breathing it will also help you sleep and calms your mind, reducing stress levels.

Stress and tension can take on many forms, from irritability to insomnia, and can raise your blood pressure and your anxiety levels. Long term, it can cause real physical symptoms and have serious health risks. By taking time to do a little you time every day, you can help alleviate these stresses and help put you on a path for a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically.

There’s an old adage of “You can’t pour from an empty vessel” and that is important for everyone to understand. If you keep giving and giving without taking a moment and refilling the vessel – you – then pretty soon you’re going to run out and there will be no more to give. Take time for you, fill your cup.

Tina Samuels, a native of Rome, is a local yoga instructor and shiatsu bodywork therapist. Readers can contact her at