Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson

Local singer-songwriter Scott Thompson won the Eddie Owen Presents Songwriters Open Mic at Red Clay Music Foundry on Jan. 28.

The event takes place every second and fourth Sunday of the month and serves as a platform for local, national, touring, aspiring and established singer-songwriters.

Performers have 10 minutes each when the stage is all theirs. Each act performs two original songs. Judges choose three finalists and the audience chooses one. Those four finalists are then invited back on stage to perform one more song. The judges then select a winner to receive a cash prize and is also invited to the Annual Songwriters Open Mic Shootout on Black Friday.

Thompson performed two new songs for the competition, one called “I’m Not Me Without You” and another called “Rain.”

He was the night’s big winner and said while he’s just happy to be standing behind a guitar for a living, he’s still honored to be chosen as the winner of such a talented field.

“In 2011 when Eddie (Owen) was still at Eddie’s Attic (in Decatur), I got to the final,” Thompson said. “Then I was in the final again a couple years ago at Red Clay. It’s a lot of fun to be amongst your peers and that level of talent. It’s an honor to win.”

Thompson said since musicians such as the Indigo Girls and John Mayer got their starts at Eddie’s Attic, many musicians from around the country see Eddie Owen Presents as an opporutunity to show their musical chops and find new talent. He said many singer-songwriters will try to adjust their touring schedules to be present at the shootout.

Thompson will try to win it all on Black Friday when all the winners from the year’s competitions will perform one last time to see who takes the top prize. Performers are judged on songwriting, vocal performance, playing ability, stage presence and audience response.