Georgia Highlands College students are getting some important lessons in “adulting” as the college is continuing its free workshop series which focuses on practical skills students can use in their everyday life.

The series, called “#Adulting” will take place over the next several months and will focus on a variety of different topics.

The college launched the workshop series last year. Students learned the basics of sewing, car care, etiquette, banking, resumes and business.

Series topics were aimed at personal improvement as well as job and career development skills.

Some of the businesses or agencies who assisted in last year’s workshop included The Stitchery, Pat’s Apparel, Cornerstone Sew & Vac, Jim’s Tire Service, Express Oil, Charm Etiquette and the Georgia Small Business Development Authority.

This year, September’s theme is “Grocery Basics.” Students will participate in a “The Price is Right Gameshow” style event in which they answer questions and play games related to grocery prices and learn about eating healthy, couponing and other related topics.

The goal is to offer students the chance to learn and develop skills, aside from their regular classes, that will help them in their day-to-day lives at home and out in the community.

GHC has partnered with several local businesses and other agencies to assist with the workshops so that students can get advice and lessons from experts in those fields.

October’s lesson will be “Credit Basics” with professionals from Wells Fargo talking to students while November is dedicated to “Tax Basics.”

January, February and March will cover “Budget Cooking Basics,” “Insurance Basics” and “House Cleaning Basics” respectively.