There’s a fallacy floating around that I keep bumping into this week… people who are so hustle and bustle that they are literally on the go every moment they are awake. Keeping up with the kids, the job, the significant other, perhaps school and other obligations, plus commitments to charities and organizations… they’re so busy they’re forgetting the one thing that makes it all go – themselves.

One client was so tense during our session. Their cell kept going off with notifications and alerts. She had only scheduled a half hour. A blink of time in the vastness of the day for herself, and even then wasn’t untethered from her life. She wasn’t just mentally stressed, she carried it in every nook and cranny of her body.

At the end I asked her, “Everything okay?” and she looked at me, tired, and said, “I can’t afford not to be.”

I’m sad for her. I’m sad for anyone that feels that they aren’t allowed to not be okay. That they can’t be anything less than perfect. That they have to keep spinning those plates.

Whether I’ve seen you in my studio, or if you’re a friend I’ve not met yet, I want you to know… from the very bottom of my soul… It’s okay to not be okay. Fall apart. Cry. Scream. Let that valve of frustration and insanity purge every so often. Not only will it feel good to let go for a moment, but your body and your mind will thank you for letting go of the weight, if only for a moment.

Namaste, Rome. I love you my community, my clients, and my path.

Tina Samuels, a native of Rome, is a Ayurveda and shiatsu bodywork therapist and certified registered yoga teacher. Readers can contact her at

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