Are you quick to anger? Are you a constant worrier? It seems like there are so many things out there in the world today to push us over the edge. We’re getting less sleep, doing more things, and continue to not be satisfied. In our never ending struggle to “be better” and “do more,” we’re chasing awards and dollars, and not focusing on what it is doing to our bodies and our minds.

While I can sit and preach to you to drink more water, get more sleep, improve your diet, and the like, it simply isn’t feasible for some people at this stage of their lives to do so. And if they can change it, usually the change is temporary. I offer one small thing. It won’t help you every time, and you won’t remember to do it most of the time in the beginning, but it’s helped a few people I know so I’m passing it on to everyone…

Whenever you start to worry, whenever you start to have that anger take over, whenever anything starts that rattles your cage, say to yourself, “If I die tonight, will this anger, worry, or resentment that stole the precious last hours of my life be worth it?”

Many of us don’t even consider time. We spend it, squander it, waste it away, and we think nothing of it because we’ll do it again tomorrow. Or at least we hope we will. However, those death bed confessions are never “I wish I was ticked off more often. I wish I was able to work more. I wish I worried about it more.” They are always wishes for more time at peace.

Don’t wait until you’re on your deathbed to realize that we are all wishing for more peace.

Ask yourself it what is eating at you is really worth it. Save yourself the added high blood pressure, the lowered immunity, the increased risk of colds and flu, the added heart attack and stroke risk, and so many other health problems that come along from stress.

If you died tonight, would that anger, worry or resentment that stole your precious last hours of your life be worth it?

Namaste, Rome. I love you. You are my community, my clients, and my path.

Tina Samuels, a native of Rome, is an Ayurveda and shiatsu bodywork therapist and certified registered yoga teacher. Readers can contact her at

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