I have talked with several grandparents over the years about their concern for the safety of their grandchildren. I have experienced the joy of being a grandparent and I have recently had some youngsters visiting my home for overnight stays. I realize many of the concerns of the grandparents. Once I became a grandparent, I immediately needed to change some things to make my home child safe. I would like to share these tips in hopes to make your home a safe place for young folks.

Prevent Falls

1. Use stair gates at the top and bottom of stairs.

2. Install window guards on upper windows.

Prevent Poisonings.

1. Keep cleaners, medications and beauty products in a place where children can’t reach them. Use child safety locks.

2. For Poison Help call 1-800-222-1222. Call if you need help or want information about poisons. Call 9-1-1 if someone needs to go to the hospital right away.

Prevent Fires and Burns

1. Have working smoke alarms and hold fire drills. Even if you have children staying overnight for the first time, review with them how to escape in the event of a fire. If you build a new home, install fire sprinklers.

2. Use tape to set up a “kid-free zone” three feet in front of the stove. Use back burners and turn pot handles toward the back of your stove.

3. Set your hot water at 120 degrees F to prevent burns.

Prevent Choking and Suffocation

1. Keep coins, latex balloons and hard round foods, such as peanuts and hard candy where children cannot see or touch them.

Things that can fit through a toilet paper tube can cause a young child to choke.

2. Place babies to sleep on their backs, alone in their crib. Don’t put pillows, blankets, bumpers, comforters or toys in cribs. These things can sometimes keep a baby from breathing.

Prevent Drowning

1. When your children are in or near water, watch them very carefully. Stay close enough to reach out and touch them. This includes bathtubs, toilets, pools, spas, and even buckets of water.