If you’d like to look at brave local firefighters and adorable dogs every day for the next two years, there’s a new calendar you need to pick up.

A fundraising calendar is fresh off the printer and is about to be seen in homes and offices all over Rome.

As part of her fundraising efforts for this year’s Rome Celebrity Dance Challenge, Dr. Shelby Moore of Culberth Carr Watson Animal Clinic is selling the calendars that feature local firefighters along with some very cute pooches.

All the money will go to the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia on behalf of Shelby’s team. She’s partnered with Alexis Tyson for the competition.

“We were throwing around ideas for possible fundraisers and at first we thought about a pet calendar,” Shelby said. “Since I’m a veterinarian and lots of people like cute dog pictures we thought it might sell. But then someone brought up the idea of a firefighter tie-in and we knew it would be a hit.”

Christy Parry photographed about 30 local firefighters from several stations. They include battalion chief Clete Bonney and Division Chief of Operations Brad Roberson. The photos were taken at various fire stations throughout the county.

Many of the firefighters are photographed with their own dogs while others are photographed with rescued pooches belonging to staff at Culbreth Carr Watson Animal Clinic. So many of the dogs featured in the calendar have been rescued by CCW staff members or have simply been adopted by staff members after being left at the clinic and never picked up.

Initially, the idea was to have one firefighter and one dog per month in a 12-month calendar.

“But we got so many great photos that we quickly realized we had to change the format,” Shelby said. “So the result is an 18-month calendar spanning July 2019 to December 2020. And most of the pages feature three photos, not just one.”

This ensures that every day for the next 18 months will be filled with firefighters and pups for those who purchase a calendar.

One very special page of the calendar features Capt. Phillip Little along with his son Ethan and Ethan’s service dog Avril. Eleven-year-old Ethan has been diagnosed with autism, Dandy Walker Syndrome and is non-verbal. Avril goes everywhere with him except for school. Avril’s job is to be a behavior intervention for Ethan when he’s in stressful situations. She’s trained to comfort him with physical contact and she’s also trained specifically to Ethan’s scent in the event that she needs to search for him.

The calendars cost $20 and are available at Culbreth Carr Watson Animal Clinic, 1223 East Second Ave. or at the Floyd County Emergency Operations Center located at 409 East 12th St.

All the funds raised from the sale of the calendar will go directly to the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia on behalf of team Shelby Moore.

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