Thursday, Dec. 12, 1968

Floyd youths assist Dimes March in county

Rome teenagers have joined the Floyd County Chapter of the National Foundation March of Dimes in its drive to eradicate birth defects.

East Rome High School’s Juniors Hi-Y and Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y will distribute to Rome area businesses this week posters explaining the March of Dimes’ purposes and canisters for contributions. Their primary targets will be restaurants and service businesses such as dry cleaning establishments, according to Mrs. Evelyn Colston, business chairman for the annual drive which will be held in January.

Terry Burnes, president of the Junior Hi-Y and Sally Roberts, president of the Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y will have charge of some 30 youngsters who will work on the project.

The highlight of the March of Dimes drive is the Mothers’ March which will be held the last Thursday in January.

Tuesday, Dec. 10, 1968

Roman attends meeting with President-elect

Charles A. Hight, president of the Rome Boys Club, attended a dinner meeting with the President-elect Richard M. Nixon in attendance Monday night in New York.

Hight, recently appointed a national associate board member, joined 200 businessmen, governmental and civic leaders for the semi-annual Board of Directors meeting of the Boys’ Clubs of America at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

The purpose of the meeting was to elect a new chairman of the board to replace Nixon and to elect a new president. There were more Secret Service men and news reporters than board members in attendance at the meeting which Nixon personally asked to be arranged so he could pass on the chairmanship to his elected successor.

Among the board members who attended were: Allen Hoover of New York, son of the late President Herbert Hoover; Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker of New York, chairman of the board of Eastern Airlines; James A. Farley of New York and Clint Murchison Jr. of Dallas, Texas.

Wednesday, Dec. 11, 1968

And women wonder why chivalry died

ATLANTA (UPI) - If Fred Bartlett wants to have his souvenir shoe bronzed, it will cost more than the usual baby bootie.

Bartlett, of Cartersville, Ga., collected the shoe early today from one of two “ladies in distress” he thought he was helping.

He told police that as he was walking downtown, he heard shouts for help from a parked automobile. He gallantly rushed to offer aid and was pulled into the car by its two female occupants.

While one of the women picked his wallet pocket, he struggled and got hold of a high heeled shoe, with which he returned the women’s blows.

Bartlett said he managed to escape from the car, catch a cab and chase the women who had gunned their own car in an escape. He lost the trail, but police said they later picked up two suspects, who were not named immediately.

The wallet, which contained $460 — some of which Bartlett was delivering to Atlanta Shriners’ headquarters — was found where the women had thrown it during the chase.

Bartlett kept the shoe.

Friday, Dec. 13, 1968

Hughes’ 39 points pace Johnson, 53-29

Ray Hughes was a one-man wrecking crew Thursday as Johnson rolled over East Rome, 53-29 in boys’ 14-under action in the citywide elementary basketball program. He scored 39 points.

This was just one of nine games played in the 14-under and 12-under divisions.

In other 14-under games, Riverside stopped St. Mary’s 32-24; West Rome No. 1 defeated Garden Lakes, 16-10; Glenwood beat Alto Park, 31-22; Coosa thrashed Plainville, 62-34; Main toppled Darlington, 45-26 and West Rome No. 2 beat McHenry, 36-7.

In a couple of boys’ 12-under games, GSD topped Plainville, 23-7 and Cave Spring No. 2 defeated Coosa, 31-14.

Hughes personally outscored East Rome, which was paced by the eight-point shooting of Gene Snow and Steve Crowe.

Jimmy Selman scored 10 points to lead Riverside to its win. Walter Culberson and Wright King were tops for St. Mary’s with nine apiece.

Roger Shepherd’s six points led West Rome No. 1 to victory.

Glenwood got a 24-point effort from Bobby Youngblood to defeat Alto Park, which was paced by Larry Murphy’s 13 points.

Billy Higgins scored 24 for Coosa and Doug Goswick got 16 for Plainville, while Stewart Thompson led Main with 19 points and Tommy NIchols was tops for Darlington with 10.

In the final 14-under game, Chris Dilorenzo scored eight points to spark West ROme No. 2 to its victory over McHenry.

In 12-under games, Mike Brown scored 14 to lead GSD to victory, while Billy Wilkey had five for Plainville. Steve George led Cave Spring scorers with 14 points. Getting four each for the losing Coosa team were Donnie Davis, Dennis Little and Greg Edwards.