Tue. Feb. 11, 1969

YWA crowns Debbie Willis

Miss Debbie Willis, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Paul Willis, of Rome Rte. 4, was selected as the 1969 Miss Young Woman’s Auxiliary Monday night at the annual banquet of the Floyd County Baptist Assn. at the Friendship Baptist Church.

Miss Willis was crowned queen in the Girls Auxiliary before being promoted to the YMA. Since her promotion, she has served as a leader and completed four of the seven requirements to attain the UMA citation.

She is a member of the Spring Creek Baptist Church and Sunday School. She also serves as assistant pianist, a member of the training union and the youth and adult choirs.

Last summer she served as a leader in two vacation Bible schools, and during June and July she served as a counselor at the Grady Wilson Crusade and the Youth Council of the Crusade.

At the Floyd County Baptist Association camp at Shorter College last July, she served as an Intermediate Counselor. She planned and presented the foreign mission study “Into Aztec Land” to two YWA groups.

Miss Willis was cited for her “faithfulness to her church and denomination, her exemplary life, her dedication, her love for Christ and His work, and her unending faithfulness in mission action.”

The new YWA was selected by Mrs. George Phillips, director of Floyd County Baptist YWA, and Mrs. Sam Eden, director of Floyd County Baptist Assn. of WMU.

Monday, Feb. 10, 1969

World’s largest commercial jet in test flight

EVERETT, Wash. (UPI) – Boeing Co. engineers today investigated a minor wing flap problem that cut short the otherwise successful maiden flight of the 747, the world’s largest commercial jetliner.

Boeing had hoped to fly its biggest bird for two hours Sunday. But when flight engineer Jess Wallach observed what appeared to be a slight misalignment during a sing flap test, Pilot Jack Waddell decided to cut the flight short.

The flight lasted one hour and 16 minutes.

Waddell said the problem did not bother the plane’s handling and added that if a similar incident occurred during a regular commercial flight it would probably go undetected. The Jumbo will seat up to 490 persons.

It is expected to go into commercial use in about a year.

Waddell was so pleased with the flight that he termed the jumbo jetliner a “two-finger” airplane that flies “like a great big arrow.” By “two-finger” flying, he meant the craft’s control systems are so well integrated they can be operated with two fingers.

The huge plane, with its tail stretching taller than a six-story building, was an awesome sight as it rolled down the runway for takeoff.

However, the four Pratt and Whitney engines which produced about 39,000 pounds of thrust each – more than twice the power of present jetliners – whispered rather than roared as the plane nosed into the sky.

Some 28 foreign and domestic airlines have ordered 167 of the new jets.

Thursday, Feb. 13, 1969

Cave Spring lassies win 14-under crown

Cave Spring’s 14-under girls capped a perfect 11-0 season Wednesday with an easy 24-6 win over GSD to capture the league championship in the citywide elementary basketball program.

The Springers, led by Teresa Huckaby’s nine points, jumped out to a 7-0 lead in the first period and never was in any real trouble. It was 13-4 at half time, 14-4 at the end of three quarters and 24-6 at the end.

In other girls’ 14-under games last night, St. Mary’s nipped Riverside, 16-14; Glenwood rolled over Johnson, 28-7; West Rome No. 2 stopped Alto Park, 26-20; West Rome No. 1 beat Model 21-14 and Garden Lakes trounced Coosa, 40-7.

But, the big story was Cave Spring’s title clinching victory. Members of the championship team, which is coached by Thomas Dempsey, are Cindy Baker, Laura Popham, Teresa Huckaby, Betty Russell, Joyce Purdue, Reta Chubbs, Joann Williams and Jane Hall.

Cecilia Jones scored all 16 points in St. Mary’s win, while Kathy Hurley led Riverside with eight points.

Pam Brewster got 14 to lead Glenwood’s win, Debbie Phillips scored 17 for West Rome No. 2; Terri Culberson led West Rome No. 1 with 10 points and Gloria Whipple was top scorer for Garden Lakes with 20 points.

Three games also were played last night in the women’s league with WIYN blasting the Tigerettes, 82-31; Dempsey Brothers Dairy edging the Roadrunners, 38-32 and Fourth Ward slipping by the Hawkeggs, 62-20.

WIYN had a 46-9 lead at halftime and victory in the bag. Lyra Donahue and Andrea Bramlett scored 26 and 24 points, respectively for WIYN while Deborah Hill tallied 15 for the Tigerettes.

Janet Holliday’s 22 points helped Dempsey Brothers beat the Roadrunners, who were paced by Judy Smith’s 29 points.

Jane McCool scored 21, Cecilia Chambers 17 and Donnice Powell 16 to lead Fourth Ward to its narrow win. Martha Dawn of the Hawkeggs was the game’s top scorer with 32 points.

Friday, Feb. 14, 1969

This is St. Valentine’s Day and only man from Mars wouldn’t know it

Thousands of Rome and Floyd County school children trekked off to classes this morning with their regular load of books tucked under one arm and a strange box-shaped, frilly red and white package under the other.

And many wives, sweethearts and mothers were surprised with red, heart-shaped boxes or sweet-smelling flowers accompanied by notes of loving words.

And only a man from Mars would wonder what all the excitement and secrecy is about.

Today, area residents join with the remainder of the United States in celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Several dances have been scheduled to commemorate the occasion, but the biggest observance was held today in classrooms.

School children, with only a little help from mothers, constructed Valentine boxes of red and white paper, decorated with hearts and doilies, to stuff their Valentine cards into for distribution to their classmates. In a frenzy of excitement and joy, the cards were delivered with special ones reserved for “that” person.

Older people also made much of the day, with more excitement to come tonight when boxes of candy and perhaps even a few sparling diamonds, will be offered.