Tuesday, Jan. 28, 1969

Nix, Roach capture point lead in 3-A

Rockmart’s Aaron Nix and Model’s Jackie Roach are the leading scorers for Region 3-A boys and girls divisions with less than half the season remaining.

However, the team battles are raging as tournament time nears and it looks as if the Rockmart boys will be the top squad in the north and Bowden the leader in the south. Dallas is expected to be among the leaders in the girls’ division.

However, both scoring leaders are hard-pressed for the frontage and could tumble into second place without a great deal of trouble. Jack Pigott, of Berry Academy, is trailing in the boys class with a 22.3 average, while Ann Morris, of Bowdon is only a fraction of a point off the pace.

Nix, a 6-foot-6 senior, has been the big gun for Rockmart in mustering a 11-4 won-lost record with a 23.5 average. He has proven to be a strong outside shooter as well as doing damage under the baskets.

Roach, also a senior uses her height to a great advantage but she has a strong liking to shoot from the outside. She is averaging 21.7 pointers per game. Morris also has a 21.7 average.

Pigott has the distinction of playing with a losing team this year, but this hasn’t hampered his shooting ability. Bob McDonald of Pebblebrook is the third leading scorer and this trio has a big lead in the region.

With only limited returns, Barry McClure of Carrollton is the leading rebounder with 15 per game, while Nancy Tykac, also of Carrollton, has a 15 caroms per game average.

Sunday, Jan. 26, 1969

Newnan plans big day for Medal of Honor winners

NEWNAN, Ga. (AP) — The little West Central Georgia town of Newnan will stage what Mayor Nat B. Glover calls its “largest welcome in history” Wednesday four two native sons who have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

Lt. Col. Joseph Jackson of the Air Force and Marine Corps Maj. Stephen W. Pless were awarded the nation’s highest military honor in recent ceremonies at the White House.

Both were decorated for landing aircraft under heavy enemy fire in Vietnam to rescue Allied combat combat troops.

The award ceremony was described as the first time that two men from the same small town had been awarded the Medal of Honor at the same time. Then-President Johnson was moved to comment, “There must be something in the Georgia water.”

The welcome for the two heroes and their hometown will officially begin with a street parade at 3 p.m. Following welcome ceremonies at 4:15 p.m., there will be an old-fashioned Southern barbecue. The day officially concludes with a brief religious ceremony in the Newnan First Baptist Church at 8 p.m.

Dignitaries expected to be on hand for the event include Gov. Lester Maddox and Rep. John A. Flint Jr, D-Ga.

Glover said there will be a flyover of Marine and Air Force planes and that the Marines are sending a band from North Carolina and the Air Force will be represented by a band from Florida.

“While we officially list the population of Newnan at 15,000, I expect at least 50,000 persons will be here Wednesday to honor these two fine young men,” the mayor said.

Wednesday, Jan. 29, 1969

Berry graduates playing roles in space probe

Sixteen Berry College graduates are currently involved in development of the powerful Saturn Apollo rocket now being used to launch American astronauts to the moon.

They are among the scientific and professional employees of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., which is directed by Dr. Wernher Von Braun.

The Saturn V, largest rocket in the world, stands 363 feet tall with the Apollo spacecraft. It weighs more than six million pounds at liftoff and the five huge booster engines generate more than 7.6 million pounds of thrust.

The Berry graduates contributed to the historical launch of the Apollo 8 which sent three astronauts into orbit around the moon. This is the most complex scientific and technological effort this nation has ever undertaken. The Apollo program is to culminate in a manned lunar landing before the end of this year.

Marshall Space Flight center employees who were graduated from Berry College include Willis W. Moore, Jr. (‘62), Jerry J. Wright (‘62), Frederick Wagnon (‘54), J.B. Stanley (‘60), John L. Frazier (‘61), Ann Whitaker (‘61), Jack A. Jones (‘57), Larry D. Mullins (‘62), William B. White (‘56), and Alvin M. Payne (‘53). Each graduated with a B.S. degree in physics.

Also included are David D. Webb (‘68), Archie D. Coleman (‘61), Charles E. Houston (‘54), Ronald L. Neece (‘54) and Jerry N. Peddycoart (‘57). Each graduated with a B.S. degree in mathematics.

Thursday, Jan. 30 1969

Two Romans appointed committee on youth

The appointment of Mrs. Lester Harbin and Mrs. Harlan Starr Jr. to the Executive Board of the Georgia Committee on Children and Youth was announced today by Mrs. J. Mac Barber, state chairman.

The Georgia committee and the corresponding committees in the other states of the union or the outgrowth of the White House Conference on Children and Youth which are called by the President every 10 years, and have been established as a cooperative effort in action to promote the future strength and well being of children and youth, and to interpret their needs and interests.

Mrs. Harbin and Mrs. Starr will serve as co-chairman of the Seventh District organization and have appointed committee chairmen for the district to correspond with the state committee.

The first meeting of the Seventh District Committee on Children and Youth will be held next Tuesday at the Forrest Hotel at noon. Miss Josephine Martin, vice chairman of the Georgia Committee, will come from Atlanta as guest speaker to explain the action program which has been adopted by the state organization and assist the local group in deciding on the special needs of youth in the community.

District committee chairmen include Education, Miss Eleanor Monroe and Mrs. Eva Martin; Family and Children’s Services, Mrs. William Newton and Mrs. Willingham Smith Jr.; Recreation, Dr. Garland Dickey and Scott Henson; Health, Dr. Sarah Hoyt and Mrs. Bernard Storey; Training and Youth Employment, George Kirkpatrick and A. Wright Bagby; Spiritual Life, Dick Wicker and the Rev. Robert Beeland; Membership, Mrs. Lester Harbin and Mrs. Harlan Starr Jr.; Youth representatives, Miss Twinkle Edmondson and Len Willingham; Consultant to the Seventh District, Miss Josephine Martin, vice chairman, Georgia Committee.