Sunday, July 14, 1968

Rome will host district women’s softball tournament

Rome will host the District women’s slow-pitch tournament Aug. 5-10, it was announced Saturday by Recreation Director Walt Attaway.

Days for this and other tournaments were confirmed at a recreational meeting held last week and LaFayette.

Trend Mills, as defending state champion, does not have to qualify through the district tournament here since it automatically gets a spot in the state event. Four other Rome teams will be in the district field, including Aloha, the Tigerettes, J. Sam Talley Cotton States Insurance and Elks Lodge 1364.

In the meantime, the district open slow pitch men’s tournament will be played at Marietta on Aug. 5-10 with the four top Rome teams in the citywide tournament earning births. Also, the Georgia Recreational Society’s District slow-pitch tournament for men will be played the same dates in Cartersville. Rome has been allotted six teams for this tournament.

Monday, July 15, 1968

Make work

KIRC HENTELLINSFURT, Germany (UPI) – A 17-year-old youth set fire to a barn Sunday, a few hours after being awarded a bronze medal for merit in the village’s voluntary fire department.

Police said he drank 20 glasses of beer to celebrate the award, set the fire, then played a leading role in putting out the fire, which caused $12,500 in damage.

Thursday, July 18, 1968

Cartersville to continue sale of beer

Cartersville voters have decided in a special referendum that malt beverages will continue to be sold in the county.

The fairly heavy turnout showed 1,062 for the continued sale, 998 against and five votes voided.

The referendum was called after more than one-fourth of the city’s eligible voters petitioned the board of aldermen.

Supporters of the continued sale said it would provide the city with about $50,000 in revenue from licenses and sales.

The Cartersville City Council began issuing beer permits several weeks ago, acting under enabling legislation enacted by the General Assembly several years ago.

A number of beer sale permits for package stores have been issued as well as private clubs being issued licenses.

Decision of the council to issue the beer sale licenses brought a vigorous protest from ministerial and certain other groups in the county and the city council decided to call a referendum on the issue.

Friday, July 19, 1968

Fluoridation of water supply urged

Some of Georgia’s largest cities are being urged to use fluoridation in their water supply but Rome was one of the pioneers in the state to begin the use of such a system as a dental protection, especially for children.

City manager Bruce Hamler said today that Rome began the fluoridation of its water supply in 1962 and that the program has worked successfully here.

Actually, Rome began flouridating its water system on an experimental basis and the new system was in use for six months before it was publicly announced, Hamler said. He said the program was welcomed by Rome dentists and that only minor complaints were received. He also pointed out that representatives of the State Health Department sent in teams to check dental records of children from time to time and have pronounced its use as highly effective in preventing cavities in the teeth of children.

United Press International, in a story from Atlanta, said today that Georgia’s development of fluoridation is bogged down in politics, according to state public health officer.

The health Officer, Dr. William Johnson, head of the Dentistry Division of the Georgia Department of Health, said Thursday he is calling on officials in Atlanta, Macon and Columbus to lead a movement for the tooth preserving treatment of drinking water.

Hamler said it cost Rome a little more money to treat its water supply but that all local dentists feel the program has been successful.