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Fifty Years Ago


Sunday, Oct. 1, 1967

West Rome Junior High publishes first newspaper

Two new subjects were being offered at West Rome Junior High School this year. They are journalism and speech and drama.

Journalism, taught by Norris V. Johnson, enrolls 20 students. Many ideas have been presented and developed in many ways by the students. The class is putting out a newspaper, Smoke Signals, whose first edition came out Friday.

Speech and drama is being taught by Mrs. Bob Brannon in the eighth grade and Mrs. Ronald Huffstetter in the seventh grade.

In drama, skits already have been presented ranging anywhere from a classroom of third graders consisting of one lonely male to a take-off from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” The students then elect the best presentation of the skits and also the best actor. There are plans being made to present to the Junior High two one-act plays during the year.

Speech is simply an introduction to debating consisting of everything from spur-of-the-moment speeches to organized panel discussions.

Tuesday, Oct. 3, 1967

Postage-due note solves mystery for young couple

Cincinnati (UPI) -- A rumpled, postage-due letter solved a mystery Monday for a young, newly married couple.

The letter, with no stamp and carrying only the return address of “East Elmhurst, Queens, New York,” arrived for Mr. and Mrs. Richard Maciag of suburban Finneytown.

The young couple had their New York honeymoon ruined last month when a suitcase, containing Mrs. Maciag’s clothing, motion picture film, photographs, their marriage license and other wedding mementoes was stolen from their car.

The mystery of the missing suitcase was cleared up in the penciled note on yellow, ruled paper which read:

“What I have done is terrible. It was, nevertheless, completely and totally necessary evil. I am a hopeless, drug-addicted bum. I have been on drugs for 15 years and I have to pay out about $40 a day to a bunch of money grubbing vulchers called dope pushers.”

“I am returning your marriage license and some photos. (A wilted corsage also was included). Some of the other things I cannot return because to do so would entertain the possibility of my being arrested.”

“Again, I am sorry. If you ever have the opportunity during your lifetime to aid an addict, please do so. It may lead toward the elimination of incidents of this kind happening to you and others in the future. Good luck, happy honeymoon and a rosier tomorrow for you.”

The letter was signed “Thief.”

While disappointed that some of her things were gone, Mrs. Maciag reacted with mixed feelings.

“Anybody who would take the time to do this has some kind of heart, some kind of feeling,” she said. “I feel sorry for him.”

Wed. Oct. 4, 1967

Rossville High School students aid attack test

Rossville, Ga. (UPI) -- More than 1,000 Rossville High School students were to leave their classrooms at 1:05 p.m. today and scramble into fallout shelters in a simulation of a nuclear attack.

The evacuation of the students to fallout shelters is part of a civil defense program being conducted in Walker County by W.L. Abney, county civil defense chairman.

In addition to putting the high school students through a simulated enemy attack, Abney and his workers will brief the pupils on nuclear fallout, radiation and the other hazards of a nuclear attack.

Friday, Oct. 6, 1967

Midway scores late to beat fourth ward

Midway scored two touchdowns in the second half Thursday to come from behind and defeat Fourth Ward, 12-7 in a Mite League football thriller at the Boys Club field.

Glenwood picked up touchdowns in the first and fourth quarters to beat Johnson 14-7 in the other half of yesterday’s two-game program.

Midway was still trailing by a point when Wayne Evans hauled in a 24-yard pass from Clint Johnson in the fourth quarter for the victory margin.

Jim Moon scored Midway’s other touchdown in the third stanza on a 2-yard run. Johnson was the winner’s leading rusher with 53 net yards in 13 carries.

Fourth Ward drew first blood in the game when Lynn Bryant caught a scoring pass from Steve Stewart in the second quarter. Ricky Lecroy added the point after and it was 7-0 at halftime.

Lecroy rushed for 39 yards and Bryant picked up 31 for the losers.

Glenwood grabbed the 7-0 lead in its game with Johnson when Ronnie Gribble tallied on a 6-yard run in the first quarter and then added the extra point.

However, Steve White scored on a 2-yard smash in the fourth period for the margin of victory. He also got the extra point.

Johnson’s lone score came in the fourth quarter also. Tommy Jones picked it up on a short run and Ronnie Bagwell tacked on the extra point.

Scott Holder led Glenwood in rushing with 43 yards while Jones picked up 29 yards for the losing Johnson team.