Monday, March 10, 1969

Romans win appointments to military service schools

Two East Rome High School seniors have received appointments to U.S. military service colleges, nominated by Seventh District Rep. John Davis.

They are Buddy Gammon, son of Mrs. H.H. Gammon, 1 Euclid Ave. and Mike Burnes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Huge Burnes, 505 LaPorte Street. Gammon will attend the U.S. Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colo., and Burnes will attend the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.

Gammon is president of the Key Club, Lt. Governor of the Georgia District of Key Club International; member of the National Honor Society; member of the National Honor Society; member of the football and wrestling teams and a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He was voted “most popular” senior superlative.

The 17-year-old boy will enter the Air Force Academy June 23.

President of the Student Council, Burnes also served as Seventh District chairman for Student Councils; secretary of the Key Club; member of the National Honor Society; member of wrestling and track teams and member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He was voted “best all around” senor superlative.

Burnes, 18, will enter the Naval Academy June 23.

As presented in the March 1919 editions of the Rome Tribune-Herald

A deal was consummated by the Sam J. Davis Real Estate Agency whereby the large farm known as the Shannon Place was sold to Cowar Brothers, of Rome, for the sum of $26,500. The farm is located near Shannon, in Floyd County, and the new owners say they intend to raise foodstuffs and stock, cutting down on the production of cotton. … The Barkoot Carnival, which showed here to fair crowds, is leaving for Cartersville. The company was booked for Chattanooga but found that two other carnivals were to be there at the same time so it changed its destination.

Playground equipment for the children of Lindale is being installed, and will consist of swings, trapeze, shoot the shoot, long stride, ocean wave, and other things. Part of this equipment has already been erected on the playgrounds about the school building, and yesterday the children played themselves tired and many were made sick by the ocean wave. Within the next week most all of the equipment will be installed.

The personnel of the German fleet is to be restricted to a maximum strength of 15,000 men, the supreme war council decided, according to Paris press dispatches. The military conditions imposed on Germany include guarantees that no tanks shall be built, no more poison gas manufactured, and all German war material must be handed over for disposition and destroyed.

Tuesday, March 11, 1969

Police ‘greet’ bank bandit at back door

SAVANNAH, Ga. (UPI) – A bandit who wasted time to apologize for delaying a fellow loan association customer was met at the back door by police Monday as he left with $14,000.

The man was identified as Ernest O’Neal, 42, with a police record of murder and armed robbery convictions.

The honest customer, James A. Hagan of Savannah Beach, was waiting in line at the First Federal Savings and Loan Association when the bandit claimed priority and, wielding what looked like a pistol, had a paper bag filled with cash.

“I hope you’re not mad at me,” he said to Hagan.

Then, in an apparent change of temper, he put the pistol against Hagan’s chest and warned, “Don’t look at me that way or I’ll shoot you.”

Again switching moods, he shook Hagan’s hand heartily, and headed for the back door. By that time the police had been called and were waiting.

They said the pistol was a toy.

Wednesday, March 12, 1969

St. Mary’s School lists poster winners

Pam Mack and Tommy Yarbrough were first and second place winners respectively of a poster designing contest held at St. Mary’s School.

Posters depict publicity for the school’s annual St. Patrick’s Day dance to be held at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Rome Civic Center. Students in fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades participated in the contest. Posters are being displayed in store windows throughout the Rome area.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners at the next Home-School Assn. meeting.

Advance tickets for the St. Patrick’s Day dance are available at the school office, from Mrs. J.C. Harmon, 234-2075, Mrs. George Mack, 234-6047, or at the door.

Friday, March 14, 1969

All-Star games set for mite, pee-wees

A couple of all-star games and an intramural tournament climax the 1968-69 basketball season at the Rome Boys Club.

The two all-star games are scheduled tonight and the tournament begins Saturday and winds up next week.

The blue and red pee-wee all-stars clash at 6 p.m. and the blue and red mite all-stars go against each other at 7 p.m. today. Both teams have been practicing for the past several days and coaches have pronounced their teams ready for action.

Rosters of the four clubs are as follows:

Pee-Wee Red – Bryan Hall, Greg Akins, Steve Brandon and Joey Whorton of Elm Street White; Brad Payne Bobby Davis and Barry Simpson of Coosa; Randy Few, Michael Few and Kenneth Crook of Elm Street Green. Coaches are Glenn Hall and Jack Simpson.

Pee-Wee Blue – Joey Cantrell, Bobby Bowling, Mike Weaver and Chip Whitfield of West End; Tommy Wimberly, Reginald Gibson and Henry Fletcher of Maple Street; Tim Green, Todd Green and Craig Knight of Northside. Coaches are Spence Cantrell and Russ Collett.

Mite Red – Brad Morrow, Ricky Ramsey and Don Matthews Jr. of West End; Carlton Gibson and Leon Fletcher of Maple Street; Bob Dorton and Mike Tucker of Model; David Barton and Chris Ingram of Riverside; Roger Pate of Alto Park. Coaches are Don Matthews and Gary Hunnicutt.

Mite Blue – Stanley Hughes, Mike Colston and Steve Finley of Johnson; Pat Holloway and Bob Ellis and Elm Street Green; Andy Dawson and Steve Ramsey of Fourth Ward; John Camp and Brandon Smith of Elm Street White; Mike Holden of Coosa. Coaches are Ed Massengale and Gene Cranford.

The intramural tournament, with four teams in the field, will be a double-elimination affair. Two games are scheduled Saturday, followed by two more Tuesday, a single game Wednesday and the championship clash on Saturday, March 22.

In the first round, the Rebels play the Green Beret at 10 a.m. and the Bulldogs meet the Brown Bombers at 11:15 a.m.

Then on Tuesday, the losers play at 7:30 p.m. and the winners at 8:30 p.m.

100 years ago as presented in the March 1919 editions of the Rome Tribune-Herald

Sheriff Wash Smith received a photograph from Detroit, Mich., of the man who was arrested there recently and thought to be Jesse Jacobs, who is wanted here on several charges and for jumping his bond.

The photograph did not in any way resemble Jacobs, and the sheriff wired the Detroit authorities to release the man under arrest. Jacobs left Rome last week and was thought to be headed to Detroit, as he has several relatives there.

Further efforts to locate the young Syrian are being made by the police and sheriff’s officers, and they declare if the man can be located by telegraph no expense will be spared to apprehend him.