2019 20-Under-40: Collin Doss

Collin Doss is Vice President and Qualifying Broker for one of the oldest real estate companies in the area. It’s a big responsibility. And maintaining the integrity of the company is deeply personal to him.

Collin’s had his real estate license for about six years but he’s been in or around the real estate business ever since he can remember.

“My granddad took over Harvey-Given Company in the late 40s/early 50s,” he says. “He and my dad have run the company since then. A pretty cool fact about my granddad was that his real estate license number was number 10, meaning that his license was the 10th one the real estate commission issued in their history. We believed, prior to his death, that he was the longest running active Real Estate Broker in Georgia.”

And if you think Collin was simply handed a position in his grandfather’s company (a company that was founded in 1886 and has operated continuously since) you’d be wrong. He had to work for it.

“I had to work my way through the ranks,” he says. “ I started out cutting yards, fixed toilets, all the fun stuff you get to do in maintenance to now being the broker for a company that has been open since 1886. It’s an outstanding honor and privilege to be able to carry on my granddad’s legacy in real estate as well as still be able to work with and learn from my dad.”

Collin takes his responsibilities very seriously. He estimates that they manage somewhere in the ballpark of 500 properties in Rome, Adairsville and Rockmart. That ranges from single family dwellings to multifamily properties as well as commercial buildings.

“Our staff is small,” he says. “It’s my dad, Gay Green (bookkeeper) and myself working full time in the office and Glenda Hobgood comes in daily working a part time schedule.”

He’s quick to point out that the support staff at Harvey-Given Company makes it possible to do what he does.

“Gay and Glenda play a huge roll in our success,” he says. “We also have an outstanding maintenance worker, Ronnie Erwin, who helps keep all of our tenants happy with repairs.”

“We pride ourselves on being diligent in our tenant screening process in order to find the right fit for possible tenants as well as the property owners, who trust us with their investments,” he added.

Collin also serves on the Alcohol Control Commission for the City of Rome, which he’s done for the last 4 years and is currently serving on the membership committee at Coosa Country Club. And for the last six years he’s coached youth basketball teams for the rec department, an activity he says is both rewarding and highly entertaining.

We believe Collin is among the next generation of Rome’s leaders.

“My advice to anybody thinking about getting into real estate is to focus not on the results but rather the process it takes to be successful, if you do, you have the potential to be great in this business,” Collin says. “The part that have enjoyed the most is that I have had clients turn into really great friends.”

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