The Rome Music Teachers Association recently held their annual Jazz and Pop Competition in the Memorial Chapel at Berry College.

Twenty-three students were judged on musicianship (phrasing, dynamics, musical style, articulation, rhythmic accuracy, musical nuance, and appropriate tempo); technique, and performance (stage presence, commitment to interpretation, memorization, and musical character).

Students receiving certificates were Stephanie Washington, Danny Wilson, Harper Dixon, Daniel Washington, Kostas Pateritsas, Cyan Herrington, Christian Washington, Lee Donahue, Christopher Neal, Elias Rocke, Elijah Ely, Kaelyn Vasquez, Emmaline Henry, Finley Hooper, Elijah Scott, Andrew Neal, Grayson Davis, Gabriel Henry, Raina Hooper, Ellie Schwartz, Anna Rose Reid, Bronwyn Matlick, and Charlie Shane.

Early Elementary Division winners were 1st place: Daniel Washington, 2nd place: Kostas Pateritsas; Elementary Division winners were 1st place: Kaelyn Vasquez, 2nd place: Elijah Scott; Intermediate Division winners were 1st place: Ellie Schwartz, 2nd place: Raina Hooper; and Advanced Division winners were 1st place: Charlie Shane, 2nd place: Bronwyn Matlick.

The festival chairperson was Kathryn Nobles and the adjudicator was, Julie Bearden Carver. Teachers whose students participated were Amy Neal, Kathryn Nobles, Shelley Reid, Leigh Robison, Christina Toole, Dr. Jerico Vasquez, and Kyla Cummins Zollitsch.

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