Musicians of all grades competed recently in the National Federation of Music Clubs Junior Festival at Berry College. Piano teachers from Rome and surrounding areas presented their students for ratings.

Participating students collect the rating points they receive from qualified judges until they have enough to exchange for Gold Cup trophies. Factors include memory, accuracy of correct notes, marks of expression, appropriate tempo, continuity, steadiness of beat, body and hand positions, fingerings, articulation, balance,k dynamics, interpretation, phrasing, and tone. Those who earned Gold Cups were:

15 point cup in the Piano Solo Event — Tiffany Ngo, student of Kay Greene; Andrew Neal and Christopher Neal, students of Amy Neal; Lauren Baskin, Anaya Desai, Thomas Luthi, Azirra Williams, Andrew Payne, Jamarian Tate, students of Sandy Yeargan; Emmaline Henry, student of Shelley Reid; Callie Carlton, Findley Grace Blalock, Ruthie Brinson, students of Martha House; Daniel Washington, Emalee Collins, Carter Benter, Miranda Lin, students of Leigh Robison; Braden Therber, student of Kathryn Nobles; Aden Conrad, Hudson Sumner, Clay Sabino, Karina Patel, Abby Kate Jackson, Ansley Combes, students of Kyla Cummins-Zollitsch.

30 point cup in the Piano Solo Event — Nigara Nizamidin, student of Sandy Yeargan; Ansley Reese, student of Leigh Robison; Blair Moseley, Mary Jack Williams, Alli Robinson, students of Catherine Seigler; Raina Hooper, student of Kathryn Nobles; Ellie Schwartz. Elizabeth Warden, Mary Leonard Moss, T.J. Dupree, Bella Cox, students of Kyla Cummins-Zollitsch.

45 point cup in the Piano Solo Event — Braden Reeder and Kayla Hutcherson, students of Leigh Robison; Anna Rose Reid and Calvin Stovall, students of Kathryn Nobles.

60 point cup in the Piano Solo Event — Anna Fitzpatrick, student of Leigh Robison.

15 point cup in the Piano Duet Event — Ellie Schwartz, student of Kyla Cummins-Zollitsch.

15 point cup in the Piano Trio Event — Anna Fitzpatrick and Kayla Hutcherson, students of Leigh Robison.

The local chairperson for the event was Gina Hicks.

These students were presented their Gold Cups at the annual Gold Cup Recital held in Ford Auditorium at Berry College. Students who performed were Abby Kate Jackson, Andrew Payne, Miranda Lin, Emalee Collins, Christopher Neal, Hudson Sumner, Paola Escobar, Andrew Neal, Emmaline Henry, Daniel Washington, Ansley Combes, Thomas Luthi, Findley Grace Blalock, Callie Carlton, Clay Sabino, Carter Benter, Jamarion Tate, Summer Stringer, Anaya Desai, Aden Conrad, T.J. Dupree, Ruthie Brinson, Mary Leonard Moss, Blair Moseley, Azirra Williams, Karina Patel, Tiffany Ngo, Braden Reeder, Elizabeth Warden, Braden Therber, Anna Fitzpatrick, Mary Jack Williams,Lauren Baskin, Kayla Hutcherson, Bella Cox, Ellie Schwartz, Raina Hooper, Anna Rose Reid, Nigara Nizamidin, and Calvin Stovall. Teachers whose students performed were Kay Greene, Amy Neal, Sandy Yeargan, Shelley Reid, Martha House, Leigh Robison, Catherine Seigler, Kathryn Nobles, and Kyla Cummins-Zollitsch. After the presentation of Gold Cups, a reception was held for the students and their families.