Berry Theater/Hackberry Lab

Berry College will be adding a new element to Historic DeSoto Theatre’s an “Evening on the Runway” event.

Berry College’s Theater Department and the Hackberry lab will be adding their fashion designs to the runway Feb. 23.

“We’re giving back to the DeSoto and the community,” said Berry College Professor Alice Bristow. “It’s a service and something we can do to help out our local area.”

The combination of Berry’s costume shop and the HackBerry Lab will result in apparel that is very different than the average boutique. Berry will be showing off a range of costumes and clothing. The costume shop will have historical period clothing and some costumes with lights.

The HackBerry Lab will be showing off clothing that will light up the stage, from masks that display messages to complete costumes that light up and show animations.

“I am excited for HackBerry Lab to be involved in ‘An Evening on the Runway’ because it will allow us to showcase some of the innovative and imaginative work we create,” said HackBerry Lab Instructor Dr. Zane Cochran. “This event will allow us to show how technology impacts every aspect of the world, including fashion.”

An Evening on the Runway also gives Berry College the chance to show off the hard work of their students. The costumes that will be on display at an “Evening on the Runway” will all be developed by students of Berry College. These elaborate costumes take hard work to complete and the upcoming event gives Berry College’s costume shop and the HackBerry Lab a chance to show off their work.

“I don’t think people understand the work that the students do and the types of clothing that they make,” Bristow said.

“An Evening on the Runway” is a fundraiser for the Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation. The event is a night of fashion fun that displays the latest fashions of the local boutiques in the Rome community.

The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 23.

Tickets for the event can be purchased online at

For more information on an Evening at the Runway, call 706-591-8377.