Chris Roberson

(From left to right) Barry Williams, dean of Academic Affairs at GNTC; Chad Wheat, director of the Air Conditioning Technology program at GNTC, Chris Roberson, Phoenix Patriot Foundation’s Veteran Scholarship recipient; Michelle Beatson, administrative liaison to Institutional Advancement at GNTC; and Pete McDonald, president of GNTC, pose for a picture in the Air Conditioning Technology lab on the Floyd County Campus in Rome.

Georgia Northwestern Technical College student Chris Roberson, a resident of Cedartown, was selected to receive the Phoenix Patriot Foundation’s Veteran Scholarship, a $1,000 scholarship awarded to injured military veterans. Roberson was one of two TCSG students selected for the scholarship.

Roberson, a former A5 Sargent in the Army, was deployed to Korea in 2009. He also served in Kuwait, Qatar, and United Arab of Emirates in 2012-13. He is currently pursuing a diploma in GNTC’s Air Conditioning Technology program.

“This scholarship will not only help me pay for college, I can also use it to pay for my tools,” said Roberson. “In the world of HVAC that can be very expensive, and so this is going to be great.”

Roberson also was asked to be an ambassador for the Phoenix Patriot Foundation’s Veteran Scholarship.

“I am going to utilize this opportunity as much as I can to gain enough knowledge so I can pass it along to other veterans,” said Roberson.

Roberson graduated from Cedartown High School in 2007 and was an honor student at Cameron University in Oklahoma in 2015-16. He served as a volunteer firefighter for the Polk County Fire Department and the Temple Fire Department. Roberson chose GNTC’s Air Conditioning Technology program so he can start the process of taking over Bowen Service Company, his family’s business.

To qualify for the scholarship, a student must be enrolled in a TCSG college, be an honorably discharged post 9/11 veteran who was injured or wounded, have a 2.0 or higher GPA, have completed at least 12 hours of credit, and complete the application process.