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Byars joins SRRC board of directors

Louis Byars

Rome City Schools Superintendent Louis Byars

Rome City Schools’ Superintendent Louis Byars was elected to join the South Rome Redevelopment Corp. as a member of the board of directors on May 22.

The South Rome Redevelopment Corp. was founded to achieve the goal of interrupting the generational cycle of poverty for South Rome residents. Its mission is to achieve redevelopment in South Rome through home ownership, affordable housing choices, educational opportunities, active community involvement, leadership and appropriate economic development.

“I am honored and excited for the opportunity to serve on the South Rome Redevelopment Corp. Board,” said Byars. “The work that has been accomplished by this board in South Rome has been amazing. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be a part of this board as they continue to make strides in the community.”

Byars addition to the board will be valuable in many ways, but his hands-on experience as an educator is an asset that is invaluable to the organization.

“We believe that neighborhood revitalization cannot be done by one organization. It takes a village to raise a village,” said SRRC Executive Director Charles Looney. “These efforts need cross-organizational cooperation in order to provide every opportunity for children and families to thrive and reach their full potential.”

“South Rome Redevelopment Corp., therefore, seeks to interrupt the generational cycle of poverty through improved housing, education, wellness and economic development. This is why, in addition to looking for board members who are South Rome residents, we also look for leaders in housing, education, wellness and economic development. Because of Mr. Byars’ work with Rome City Schools and because of his passion for providing quality education for every young Roman, we are thrilled to welcome Mr. Byars to our board of directors. We look forward to working with him on current and future educational efforts as we attempt to build a cradle to college/career education pipeline,” said Looney. 

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