Board of Pardons and Paroles honors Parole Board members, including Lou Byars' grandfather

The State Board of Pardons and Paroles honored all Parole Board members who previously served during a ceremony at the monthly Board Meeting held this week. Public attendees included relatives of the Board’s original three members appointed to the first Board in 1943. The Parole Board was established by the legislature 75 years ago as a three member body. Lou Byars, Rome City Schools Superintendent, spoke on behalf of his grandfather Grover Cleveland Byars who was one of the original three parole board members. “I want to thank you for honoring my grandfather. Our family has a long history of serving the community and this was just one of the ways that my grandfather served,” said Byars. (From left) Parole board members Terry Barnard, Brian Owens, Jacqueline Bunn, Vice Chair Braxton Cotton and Chairman James Mills join Gina Byars and Rome City Schools Superintendent Lou Byars (center left and right). / Contributed