So you hustle and bustle and things are wearing you down. It’s causing health problems and, perhaps, Western treatments aren’t giving you the relief you need. A friend recommends yoga, or meditation, or any of the wealth of complementary therapies out today and you shake your head, “Don’t se…

Even though millions of homeowners routinely use power lawn mowers every day without mishap, there is still a fairly constant parade of people into hospital emergency rooms with injuries and released. However, emergency surgery is sometimes required to treat severe injuries resulting from ha…

“Back when I was starting my fellowship, I weighed almost 100 pounds more than I do now,” says Dr. Gregory Harris of Harbin Clinic Medical Oncology.

My family, along with many others water-loving people, will be heading to the lake this summer. There have been a couple of boating accidents in our area recently that may have been prevented. I would like to share some tips to help make your time on the water a safe one.

On June 1, Katherine Knight walked down the aisle and was married to William Patterson at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

Yes it will keep you alive, but breathing does so much more. Having the ability to control your breath and use it to calm you can give you a bit of refuge from things like anxiety but it will also help your body lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress levels.

There are things you can do to help keep your child safe around swimming pools, bath tubs, and other open water areas.

Seven young women from the greater Rome area began their debutante year Saturday evening when they were presented at the 30th Rome Symphony Debutante Ball. The ball was held at the Coosa Country Club and benefits the Rome Symphony Orchestra.

Reiki is a form of energy healing and those who are attuned and certified have learned to use this form of healing on themselves, on others, and through distance. Reiki energy healing is a wonderful way of opening your mind and expanding consciousness. It can do no harm and you can’t do it i…

The third annual Sing For Their Supper event is returning to downtown Rome on June 8 and area residents are invited to attend the “listening room” atmosphere.

Aromatherapy isn’t as simple as many make it out to be. Time and time again I see people just randomly mixing essential oils and not doing basic safety. There are so many oils that have maximum dermal rates (the highest dilution numbers that are safe to put on the skin), as well as not using…

Music of two different eras will ring out from Second Avenue Baptist Church on May 19 when The 8th Regiment Band and the Broad Street Brass present a concert there starting at 3 p.m.

Chances are you’ve either been to a yoga or meditation session or seen one; and while you probably understand the thoughts behind ‘letting the mind go’ and finding stillness, you may not have noticed one key aspect. Mudras.

Man oh man, do we have a beaucoup of problems going on with our ever charming hoity-toity boxwoods this spring.

Thirty-three rising sixth graders from the Rome area have been selected as ribbon bearers for the 2019 Rome Symphony Debutante Ball.

Sit in on one of Juliette Baue’s fitness classes and you’d never know your instructor has suffered for the last decade from chronic pain issues. Baue, the regional manager for The Rock Fitness Center with locations in Rome, Adairsville, Calhoun and Cartersville, teaches a variety of classes …

Amy Easterwood Young serves on the board of Living Proof Recovery Inc., a nonprofit formed nearly three years ago to support local residents breaking free of addiction.