The Rome chapter of Ducks Unlimited and Georgia Department of Natural Resources will join forces Saturday for the annual DU Youth and Outdoors Greenwing shooting event at Arrowhead Wildlife Management Area at 2502 Floyd Springs Road.

If you just had a baby, are expecting, or are taking care of a young infant it’s important to create a safe sleep environment for your baby. Because babies spend much of their time sleeping, the nursery should be the safest room in the house. Take a few moments to learn about safe sleep.

There are so many of you fellow community members that I see running yourself haggard over work, job, school, and family. Everyone is getting a part of you, except yourself. I see you there, hanging on, trying to pour from that empty pitcher.

A recent Coosa High School grad is using her talents to bring a little sunshine and a lot of smiles to a place where it’s needed most.

School has started for most of the systems in our community. Many of the students will be taking a bus for the first time. This can be a big step for your child. Help your kids get a gold star in bus safety by following these tips.

The 2020 Miss Rome and Miss Rome’s Outstanding Teen Competitions will be held Saturday night, August 17 at the Rome City Auditorium.

Ayurveda isn’t the top of the trends. It isn’t goat yoga or Paleo, and for many it isn’t very well known. But could it be precisely what you’re looking for?

In 1939, a photo was taken of the crowded sidewalk outside of the DeSoto Theatre during the premier of "Gone With the Wind." In celebration of the theater's 90th birthday- it was founded in 1929- the Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation recreated the 1939 photo on Monday night. While RNT ran p…

I have talked with several grandparents over the years about their concern for the safety of their grandchildren. I have experienced the joy of being a grandparent and I have recently had some youngsters visiting my home for overnight stays. I realize many of the concerns of the grandparents…

I’ve some shocking news. There is none of us that deserve to be on a pedestal.

One of Rome’s most popular races is getting a revamp and it includes local pooches.

In Ayurveda, the body is at one of three states or constitution. These three constitutions are called doshas and are either vata, pitta, or kapha. Taking a dosha questionnaire to find your dosha is as simple as going online or seeing an ayurvedic practitioner. Keep in mind that your dosha ca…

Participation in sports offers tremendous social, emotional and physical benefits for children. We know that one of the worst things for kids is being on the sidelines with an injury. As parents and coaches, there are simple things we can do to help reduce preventable injuries – so our kids …

A bodybuilding and fitness competition coming to the Rome City Auditorium on Sunday, July 28 supports a project that gets homeless vets off the street and on their feet again.

Our temperatures in our community have only reached the 90s several times this year but history has told us our hottest days are yet to come. One of a mother’s nightmares is when she realizes her child or children have accidentally been locked in the vehicle. There are many 911 calls that th…

There are times when life gets to everyone; whether it be from the job, the home, the family, or a random 3 a.m. phone call that shatters everything you’ve known.

Can telling yourself positive things really help you boost your mood? Help you get out of a funk? Perhaps. Affirmations, those little lines of positivity that can be chanted in a mantra or just repeated as you meditate, can be a wonderful way of training your brain.

The Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism is encouraging visitors and locals alike to get out and enjoy some of the more iconic sites across Rome.

The Berry College summer market on July 20 will feature more than 60 vendors with products ranging from fresh cut flowers and banana pecan bread to Angus beef and handmade wood décor.

The Rome-Floyd ECO River Education Center continues to expand its holdings in Ridge Ferry Park, however one of its most recent exhibits has been returned to the wild this week after showing some tendencies that led ECO Center Director Ben Winkelman to believe it could survive in the wild.

Have you heard about facial shiatsu? Chances are the only time you’ve even heard of shiatsu it was in conjunction with Western Massage, however, true Shiatsu is an Asian Bodywork therapy where energy meridians are cleared and pressure points are held to release muscle tension. Joints are als…