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Crandel Allmon's Pineapple Place antiques and home decor business has moved from the 200 block of Broad Street out to 717 East Second Ave.

Allmon said repairs to the roof after flooding rains during the first week of August just weren't moving quickly enough.

"It was pretty much either move or sit there and die," Allmon said. "Sadly we love downtown but I think this is going to be a great move for us. We have more than 30 parking spaces available for customers."

The building on Second Avenue has about the same square footage available, maybe more, according to Allmon, when you consider the second floor which is also available for retail.

"We haven't touched that yet but we plan to. I think we plan on adding about three different lines up there,” Allmon said.

Allmon said his customers include a wide range of people and he credits that to the diversity of styles available. Allmon does a lot of actual design work as part of the business.

"It seems like this year there has been a really big switch over from where it was to where it seems to be going," Allmon said. He referred to the popularity of the mostly white, interior farmhouse style of decor back to more bold colors. "We're going to play up on that. A lot of rich colors are coming back. We've seen that at the market," he said.

Berry fall farmers market set for Sept. 8

The annual fall Farmers Market at Berry College is scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 8 in the Clara Bowl area near the Ford buildings.

Berry student enterprises including the Angus Beef, Jersey Milk, Season's Harvest and Martha's Herbs are just some of the vendors who are slated to participate in the market from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Angus Beef program will have many cuts of beef available for purchase along with hamburger plates as it gets closer to lunch time. The jersey Milk enterprise will be offering some of its artisan cheeses.

Viking Furniture, Blue Hen Eggs, Berry Bees, primarily candles and lip balms, not necessarily the honey, will also be represented at the market along with other community vendors with everything from locally grown vegetables to handmade jewelry, photography, jellies and jams and much more will be available.

Inflatables for the children will be available along with live musical entertainment.

For more information about the student enterprise program go to http://www.berry.edu/studententerprises/seasonsharvest/ .

Rome Rotary gets new sister club in Caribbean

The Rome Rotary Club is going to have a new sister club in Puerto Rico. El Vigia Rotary Club in Ponce, has voted unanimously to enter into the relationship with the Rome Club.

Hilda Iriarte is the chairwoman of the club in Puerto Rico that will work to develop the partnership arrangement. Enid Colondres is President of the El Vigia club.

Iriarte will be in Rome in October. She has just penned a book titled "Puerto Rico, A Unique Culture, History, People and Traditions.” She considers Puerto Rico unique because it offers the best of both worlds, the U.S and Puerto Rico. Most residents of the island speak both English and Spanish on the island.

Iriarte’s book will be on sale at the Rome at Barnes & Noble bookstore on Oct. 27. Iriarte will be on hand to autograph copies of her book between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. that day