Georgia Department of Natural Resources

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is offering special instruction for outdoor enthusiast who would like to learn more about hunting.

The Georgia Hunt and Learn program offers instruction related to just about all game species from deer and turkey to quail, duck an dove, even squirrel hunting.

The Hunt and Learn program is geared specifically toward those who have little if any experience with a weapon but a lot of interest in the activity. The program offers one to three-day clinics that teach principles about conservation and basic hunting techniques, along with the opportunity to hunt a specific game critter.

Participants will receive instruction in tactics, game identification, and hunter safety from experts. Youth between the ages of 12 and 17, and adult have programs available.

All interested hunters are welcome to apply, but preference will be given to applicants with limited or no hunting experience..

To apply for the program go to and fill out an online application.

Applicants who are chosen to participate will be notified via email with a selection letter that provides additional details and payment information.

Some Hunt and Learns require you to take a “101 Course” first, but they also are open for anyone. These courses contain educational and live-fire instruction that focus on a specific game animal. The educational component will consist of game identification, regulations, habitat and hunting tactics for the specific game animal. The live-fire component will cover basic firearm safety, effective shot placement and proper firearm selection for the specific game animal.

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