Patients are educated about their health while they wait

APEX Direct Care, 506 Riverside Parkway, is now offering healthcare education opportunities to its patients through new PatientPoint massive digital touch screens in its Rome clinic. Patients can access information on any of a number of topics while waiting to see Dr. Michael Jackson.

The use of touch screen information technology is designed, at least in part, to enhance the patient-physician dialogue by allowing patients real-time, active education about their own body and ailments. “When a patient can zoom in and see a 3D heart and touch the image, it creates a whole new level of understanding,” said Dr. Michael Jackson. “We have heard a lot of positive feedback from our patients and small business owners.”

APEX Direct Care offers primary physician services to families, individuals and business groups at a set fee per month. The clinic is able to work with patients who have health insurance as well as those who don’t have insurance.

To get additional information about the new technology or inquire about the services available through APWX Direct Care, call 706-266-9090 or get information online at