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The latest data from the Georgia Department of Labor showed Floyd County with a 3.6% jobless rate for May, up 0.4% from April, but still near historic lows.

Looking deeper into the numbers, the report indicates that 42,678 Floyd County residents had a job somewhere while another 1,604 were looking.

During May, 301 Floyd County residents filed an initial claim for unemployment assistance from the state. Those are workers who have not not sought unemployment benefits for at least 12 months.

During the month of May, the Department of Labor pumped more than $202,200 in unemployment benefits into Floyd County. The average unemployment check amounting to $265.

The Department of Labor reports that during May, the average unemployed Floyd County resident was drawing benefit checks for six weeks.

In Gordon County, the jobless rate for May was 3.2%. Jobless residents drew more than $107,900 in benefits checks worth an average of $269. The average Gordon County resident received benefits for between four and five weeks.

Bartow County residents showed a 3.3% jobless rate in May and drew $187,567 in benefits with the average weekly check amounting to $259. The average during of the benefits was between five and six weeks.

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