The company hopes to break ground for the new addition before the end of the month with a six-month construction timetable. Momon Construction of Calhoun has been chosen as the general contractor.

"We need the space and people," said  Shelli Fletcher, vice president of the family-owned business. "We've already increased our numbers (employees) over there in the last year, we're just running out of space, but overall we're definitely looking to add more employees."

The company does not know at this time how many employees will be added.  Fletcher that both the Rome and Summerville facilities are operating at capacity right now. "We haven't been able to go after any new business," Fletcher said. "Once we get more space we'll try to go after new business and that will in turn determine  how many more people we'll need."

Wire-Techs top five customers have all experienced tremendous growth in the last couple of years. "We have grown with them," Fletcher said.

Wire Tech manufactures small, medium and large run production of wire harnesses, cable assemblies, fuel hose assemblies, and related components used in the appliance industry, lawn and garden industry, Kubota out of Gainesville, Georgia is their largest customer at this time.

Fletcher's father, Keith Mowry and her husband Rich Fletcher all moved down from Ohio in May of 1988 to start the company locally. Her father worked for a wire harness company in Ohio which got bought out by a larger firm.  The new group shut down the plant in Summerville.

Fletcher said that several customers from the Summerville plant told them if they came to Georgia and hired back some of the same staff, that they could be considered existing supplier and continue to do business with the company.  She said Murray Lawn Mowers and Toshiba Microwaves were the first two companies come on board with Wire Tech after their move to Georgia.

Her father has since retired and her husband Rich Fletcher serves now serves as president of the company.