Assistant to the Associate Provost/Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Mary Corbin received Shorter University’s 2018 Staff Member of the Year Award.

The award, based on nominations from faculty and staff, is given to an employee who has displayed helpfulness and encouragement to students, loyalty to the university and effectiveness in fulfillment of job responsibilities and cooperation in relationships with fellow employees.

The award was presented by Shorter University President Don Dowless, who recognized Corbin for her positive influence on students and the campus community as a whole. “The person receiving this year’s Staff Member of the Year Award has a great heart and is highly deserving of this honor,” Dowless said. “Mary Corbin is a prime example of our staff’s commitment to serving students; it is clear she views her work at Shorter as a calling rather than simply a career.”

Corbin is completing her seventh year at Shorter. She serves as co-sponsor of the Alpha Chi honor society and manuscript editor for the Alpha Chi journal, Alethia, in the area of Work of Original Art. She loves to paint in acrylics and maintains a prayer wall to encourage students, offering prayer cards and uplifting quotes.

A graduate of Hanover College with a major in art, Corbin previously taught pre-school at Westminster Pre-School Christian Academy. Daughter Mary Emily Corbin plans to graduate from Shorter in 2019 with a Chemistry degree, and son Sam will soon be a Shorter freshman and plans to major in Math.

“I believe that Mary knows everyone on campus,” said Associate Provost and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Corbin’s supervisor Kathi Vosevich. “This really makes it easy for her to do business because she has established relationships that make her even more effective in her job completion. She is very cooperative and flexible, and she will bend over backwards to help anyone in need or to answer any question. She always remembers every student’s name that comes by, so she makes them feel loved and welcomed by personalizing them – and she does all this with a big smile.”

During Awards Day, Shorter also recognized School of Fine and Performing Arts Dean Emeritus and Professor of Music Alan Wingard for 45 years of service and Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students Jeanne McDade for 15 years of service.

Recognized for 10 years of service were Associate Vice President of Development and Donor Relations Joan Blackwelder, Financial Aid Loan and Grant Analyst Stephanie Brooks, Assistant Professor of Management Oris Guillaume, IT Business Analyst Noah Huckaby, Director of Financial Aid Colleen Lassiter, Associate Professor of English Ben McFry, Vice President for Enrollment Management Emily Messer, Associate Professor of English Angie O’Neal, Campus Safety Officer Terrell Shields, and Associate Provost and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Kathi Vosevich.

Recognized for five years of service were Assistant Professor of Human Services Elaine Barclay, Grounds Supervisor Charles Barnette, Associate Professor of Christian Studies-Youth Ministries Brent Baskin, Instructor of Communication Studies Melissa Baskin, Instructor of Economics Nick Bergan, Assistant Professor of History Charles Carter, Assistant Director of IT Matt DeBord, Assistant Professor of Nursing Christine Donadio, Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting Deondre Earl, Assistant Professor of Music Theatre Direction Sue Gaukel, Human Resources Manager Stacy Hardy, Assistant Professor of Music Patty Nelson, Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting Denel Pierre, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Linn Pitts, Assistant Professor of English Julie Pond, Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts Gregory Poore, Associate Professor of English and French Fabrice Poussin, Dean of Online Programs Legare Price, Director of Academic Processing and Planning Hannah Reeves, Assistant Professor of Accounting Angela Sandberg, Assistant Director of Online Advising Lacie Self, Assistant Director of Online Enrollment Katie Sims and Assistant Professor of Psychology Christine Szostak.