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Source Therapy Billing will outsource some Rome positions

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Source Therapy Billing in Rome, which recently received the Economic Partnership Award from the Downtown Development Authority, will be outsourcing an undisclosed number of jobs in the New Year.

Source Medical President and CEO Ralph Riccardi said the company was planning to convert some jobs to offshore contract labor.

“Those jobs are basically data entry level type of positions,” Riccardi said. “We are in no way, shape or form moving the business out of Rome.”

Source Therapy Billing, a subsidiary of Source Medical, allows clients to use their services as a remote back office-billing center, which uses proprietary software to handle billing services for less than typical billing services.

Riccardi said the company is planning to continue to grow the business in Rome. “One of the problems, call it a problem, call it a good problem, is the growth of the business is such that we have to hire many, many, people to do that kind of work and its become very difficult to do that in Rome,” Riccardi said. “So we’ve realigned our business so that the Rome location is going to be where all of our new clients are going to be on-boarded and stabilized, all of the interaction with our clinic clients and our patients is going to be done in Rome.”

Riccardi, who was on holiday vacation when reached by the Rome News-Tribune, said he could not say exactly how many jobs would initially be moved out of Rome. “But what we are putting back into Rome as we grow the business are the higher paid, more sophisticated jobs of account management and on-boarding and stabilizing clients and sales support, said Riccardi.”

The president of the company said in the short-term the company will experience a temporary dip in the number of positions in Rome, but the offshoot of the realignment would be more hiring, with higher paying positions in Rome.

He said the current management team, including Vice-President Teresa Bohannon, would be staying in place.

Downtown Development Director Ann Arnold said the news does not take away from the accomplishments at Source Therapy Billing over the past year. It’s not the first time a DDA award winner has taken a hit shortly after being honored. Michael Landers, owner of the Greener Burger actually closed the restaurant downtown not longer after winning the inaugural Golden Nail Award in December of 2010 for his redevelopment of the old Krystal building in the 300 block of Broad Street.