Sharon Baker, founder of the Women's Information Network, opens doors for women of all ages to information that helps them live healthy lives.

What is the purpose of your organization? The mission of WIN is: “To educate and empower women about total wellness through information and interaction.” WIN activities have been determined and implemented through a volunteer board of directors, composed of a cross-section of women. We have addressed many issues to provide gender-specific information, and focused on action and available resources. Examples: Midlife Momentum, Osteoporosis Screening and Education, Spring Training Health Fairs, and now an upcoming workshop on end-of-life issues. Our purpose is to prepare individuals for life events and milestones by arming them with information and a choice of action plans, as well as necessary resources.

How is your organization funded? The organization is funded through contributions, conference fees, grants and sponsorship/exhibitor fees. Grants have been successfully written to local and regional healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies, the Governor’s office, Department of Human Resources, Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, as well as local businesses and individuals.

What do you enjoy most acting as the head of this organization? Meeting so many interesting people. I enjoy networking and organizing events on topics that I consider important, and bringing together the most recent research or best practices to Northwest Georgia. The many women (and men) willing to share their time and expertise is always a source of great enrichment and fulfillment for me.

What is your organization’s biggest challenge? Having the funding necessary to conduct programs that provide the best speakers and materials to our area. Getting the word out about upcoming events is also a major challenge.

If the organization uses volunteers, in what capacity? The Board of Directors and anyone contributing to the projects of WIN are voluntary. Some grant funds will provide the project coordinator a fee and provide help with overhead such as phone, internet, etc.

Is there something you would like to say to our readers? WIN is planning some programs again after a hiatus of about six years due to full time employment of the president. Timely topics will be addressed and we would like you to join in by giving us ideas, being a sponsor or exhibitor, speaker, volunteer, or attendee. We have two programs scheduled this year. One was on May 25 and was “Lunch with a Doctor,” an osteoporosis screening and education program featuring Dr. Keith Rott. On Sept. 27 from 1-4 p.m. we will offer “Life: The Final Chapter,” an educational program about many issues individuals and families must deal with at the end of life. See our website for details.

The Facts:

President and Founder: Sharon Baker, BSN, MN, and CWHNP

Location: Home office, 2 Downing Street, Rome, GA 30161-8002

How long organization in Rome/Floyd: The Women’s Information Network, Inc. (WIN) is a fully incorporated, non-profit 501c3 organization established in 1991.

Hours: No set hours. Events are workshops, seminars, conferences or public forums.

Telephone: 706-506-2000