Small Business Snapshot: Burnette & Hood's Tax Express

John Burnette and Norman Hood operate Burnette and Hood's Express Tax Service, 107 Redmond Road, Suite B. (Doug Walker, RN-T)

Norman Hood and John Burnette, owners of Burnette & Hood’s Tax Express, are answering the questions for today’s Small Business Snapshot.

What is the primary purpose of your business? We are a full-service tax preparation company specializing in personal, business and corporate tax returns.

What is your business background? Norman Hood And John Burnette have been in the tax preparation and filing business for over 25 years combined. John is also the owner of Farmers Insurance and Norman owns Candor Insurance Group, both located between Harbin Clinic and Redmond Hospital at 107 Redmond Road In Rome.

Why did you start this particular business? Our desire is to offer not only a knowledgeable and experienced tax service, but an affordable alternative for our community and the surrounding areas.

What makes your business unique? While there are numerous businesses similar to ours, we offer a full range of filing options for both personal and corporate taxpayers. We specialize in Affordable Care Act exemptions, ITIN filings for non-citizens, I.D. theft protection, audit assistance. We also believe in educating the taxpayer as to their options and in order to receive the maximum refund allowed.

What do you enjoy most about your chosen profession? I enjoy helping my clients and the general public navigate through what can be a difficult and sometimes costly process.

In my experience, a lot of tax preparation and filing companies, both on-line and ones that have physical locations, seem to be “in bed” with the I.R.S., which costs the taxpayer more money for the service and reduces their refunds.

I work for the client. I work to get back every dollar for my clients by keeping up to date with current tax laws, changes, and deductions. -Norman Hood.

What has been the biggest or most interesting challenge to overcome as small business owners? The biggest challenge as a small business owner has to be finding the most-effective way in which to reach our community. We are constantly looking for traditional and alternative ways to get our name and our services known and out in the community. -John Burnette.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Other than our dedication to customer service, we want everyone to know that we thoroughly look over every aspect of their return to ensure that they receive the highest refunds allowed at the lowest cost around.

We also would like to inform them that as of right now, Burnette & Hood’s Tax Express is the only company in Floyd County offering a $1,000 same-day advance at no cost to our clients.


Owners: John Burnette & Norman Hood, Tax Preparers

Business Age: One year

Employees: Three

Location: 107 Redmond Road, Suite B, Rome, Ga 30165

Telephone: 706-314-9661

Fax: 706-528-4514


Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Email Address: