Changes in shopping habits have prompted Terri Russo-Alesi to make plans for the closure of POSH, her fashion consignment shop at 412 Broad Street.

Russo-Alesi’s last day will be March 2. Rome businessman Harry Brock, who actually owns the building said he hopes to be able to attract another good tenant in short order.

Russo-Alesi bought the business in October of 2009 and moved it from a location on Glen Milner Boulevard to Broad Street in January of 2010.

“It’s just time,” Russo-Alesi said. “Over the years, so many women and girls are selling clothes out of the closet online, you’ve got more competition with stores opening up just at prom time to sell formals. And you can rent things so I think consignment stores are becoming obsolete now.”

She is thinking about getting her real estate license and has even entertained the idea of becoming a flight attendant.

“I just want to thank Rome and all the consignors for eight great years,” Russo-Alesi said.

Brock, who runs his appraisal business from offices on the second floor of the building, said that changes in his industry have him making plans for renovation of the second floor to serve as a residence and doing some work ground floor after POSH leaves to help attract a new retail tenant there.