Retired Rome logistics executive Roger Manis confirmed Tuesday that he has a contract to purchase the Georgia Power office building at Broad Street and Turner McCall Boulevard.

A due-diligence period expires Friday and Manis said he hasn’t seen anything that would prevent the sale from moving to close quickly.

Georgia Power Regional Director Cassandra Wheeler said the two buildings have been vacant since November of 2018.

Manis said he purchased the buildings because he thought it would be a good investment and he does not have any specific plans for the site at this time.

“I pretty much plan to turn it over to Hardy Realty,” Manis said. “A lot of people have looked at those buildings since they’ve been empty and different people have had different ideas. I didn’t go in with any kind of preconceived notion about what to do with it.”

The businessman said he does plan to make some improvements to the buildings, including work on the lighting.

Hardy Realty agent Jimmy Byars said the plan is to lease the building out as office space.

“We’ve already got a couple of (potential) tenants that are showing a lot of interest,” Byars said.

Manis sold Apex Trucking a couple of years ago to a group of his former employees. His wife, Diane Manis, sold off Scott Logistics to a Canadian logistics company in February of last year.

“I need something to do. This retirement is not working real good for me,” Roger Manis said.

He declined to specify the sale price but said, “as soon as we close on it it will be in the scandal sheet (Roman Record).”

The list price for the property has been $2.1 million.

The sale includes both of the buildings, consisting of approximately 43,900 square feet of office space and parking for 119 vehicles. About half of that is covered parking with a security gate.

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