The Boulevard

In this 2010 file photo, The Boulevard adjacent to State Mutual Stadium, has not seen any construction since the conceptual plans for mixed-use development were unveiled in 2008. Since then, upscale apartments and the Lumina Coffee Company have built on the area.

The operator of a local hotel closed Wednesday on the purchase of a 1.8 acre parcel on Braves Boulevard right behind the Lumina Coffee Shop.

Jigar Patel, who operates the Baymont Inn and Suites on Shorter Avenue, confirmed that he plans to develop an 11,100-square-foot building with a gas station, liquor store and fast food restaurant.

Patel first became interested in the property back in 2014 but could not get any traction with an out-of-town real estate firm that was handling the property for Northwest Georgia LLC, Rome businessmen Dee Yancey and Doc Kibler.

He went by it recently and noticed the Hardy Realty sign up on the property. He immediately reached out to his agent Charles Parker, who had handled some other deals for his family.

“If it wasn’t for him we probably would not have gotten this far,” Patel said.

Parker died three months into the deal, but Hardy Realty worked it out.

Jimmy Byars, CEO and broker at the real estate firm, said the property is already zoned for commercial use and he believes that Patel will develop a quality project.

Plans call for a 4,500-square-foot gas station, another 4,500-square-foot liquor store and approximately 2,100 square feet for a fast food franchise with a drive through window.

“We’ve had interest from Dairy Queen and Burger King,” Patel said. “We already have deals with Circle K and an operator for the liquor store but we don’t have anyone finalized for the fast food yet.”

Patel said this is the first time he’s tried a multi-purpose new-build development.

“We’re trying to get into this kind of deal, so this is a stepping stone for me,” Patel said. “Our future plans are to develop these in other markets for Speedway and Circle K and other corporate franchises.”

Construction is expected to begin sometime during the second quarter of 2020 with the idea of being open in time for the holiday season at this time next year.

“We’ve got most of the legwork done but we’ve got to get a general contractor. They are so busy right now and I need someone that can commit to the project,” Patel said.

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