The father and son owners of the new Lumina Coffee Company are in hiring mode as they head toward the Christmas holidays, with an eye on opening in mid-to-late January. They hope to fill between 30 and 40 positions prior to opening and have already launched a new website and have established a social media presence to help attract employees.

"Hopefully we'll be finished with the building in late December or maybe early January," Matt Schieffer said. His father, Mike Schieffer, said "with any luck we're going try to shoot for that third week in Janu-ary. Everything is on track as far as construction and operations."

The shop expects to offer as many as 10-15 different varieties of coffee from the three major coffee growing regions of the world, South America, Africa and Indonesia.

"We will be sourcing our beans out of a roaster in Little Rock, Arkansas that we're working closely with. What's unique about them is they do a lot for the farmers," Matt said. "We'll be sourcing direct trade, fair trade, rain forest alliance, organic, those types of coffees."

The younger Schieffer said they not only want to have a positive impact on the community in Rome, but also for the communities where they source their beans.

The shop will offer a wide variety of hot and cold beverages to blended beverages.

Mike Schieffer said the non-beverage menu will be broken up by day part with typical breakfast type sandwiches cooked hot to order, mid-day hot panini sandwiches and fresh healthy salads. There will be an emphasis on desserts in the evening. Some traditional pastries are likely to be available throughout the day.

The seating capacity for Lumina will be approximately 70 seats on the inside with another 30 or so outside the shop, which will be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday.

While the Schieffer's are hoping for growth, they are committed to presenting the best product they possible can the first time out.

"We have to make sure we sell the next best greatest cup of coffee be-fore we really expand or see what other opportunities this could lead to," Matt said.

Mike Schieffer worked with Starbucks for 18 years but has more recently been president of the WinShape Foundation organization locally. The idea for the coffee shop came from discussions between the father and son as Matt was getting ready to graduate from college and was trying to figure out what he wanted to do.