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Harbin Clinic is moving its orthopedics practice, currently located at 330 Turner McCall Blvd., to a new space within the Harbin Clinic building at 1825 Martha Berry Blvd.

Harbin Clinic is moving their orthopedics practice, currently located at 330 Turner McCall, to a new space within the Harbin Clinic building at 1825 Martha Berry Blvd.

Orthopedic patients will start visiting the new location on Monday, February 10. The space is uniquely designed to enhance patient experience and allows physicians and clinical staff to provide care in an area more suitable to patients’ needs.

“Between on-site procedure rooms, orthotics services available in office and the expansion of our hand therapy program, our patients couldn’t ask for a more comprehensive solution to their orthopedic needs,” says Dr. Brandon Bushnell, Orthopedic Surgeon.

Harbin Clinic orthopedic physicians have specialized training and extensive experience in diagnosing and treating specific areas of the body, including the shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and foot. Hand therapy, a new service for Harbin Clinic, will be located in the adjoining space.

“We are excited for how this move will allow us to improve the care we provide our patients,” says Orthopedic Hand Surgeon Dr. Stephen Klasson. “Since Dr. Jarrad Barber joined our Hand Center team we have been able to greatly increase the services we provide, and the new location will allow us even more flexibility.”

This move is part of a continuing plan for growth and development in the services Harbin Clinic provides to patients throughout the region.

“Our goal at Harbin Clinic is to make sure patients have the best and most beneficial healthcare experience possible,” says Harbin Clinic CEO Kenna Stock. “Patients can rest assured that the excellent care they’ve always received will remain the same — just in an enhanced practice environment.”

For more information on the new facilities or to make an appointment with Orthopedics Rome, call the office at 762-235-2700, or visit harbinclinic.com/orthopedics.

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