John Quinlivan

John Quinlivan, CEO of Redmond Regional Medical Center

The Rome Floyd Chamber Board of Directors voted unanimously Thursday to support of the upcoming SPLOST and ELOST projects. Chamber Board Chairman John Quinlivan said.

The chamber leadership worked particularly closely with the Rome and Floyd County school system officials in the development of the ELOST package.

“We recognize how important these are to the continued economic development viability of our community,” Quinlivan said. “The ELOST in particular is essential to allow the schools to do the good work they’ve been doing as evidenced by graduation rates that now exceed the state average.”

The chamber still hopes to see more collaboration between the school systems on various projects including a college and career academy.

“We’ll continue to work with them but that’s a relatively small piece of the whole package and the whole package is vitally important,” Quinlivan said. “We’ve pushed for efficient operations, cooperation and collaboration and I think we’re seeing that.”

The chamber board engaged in a lot of discussion about the SPLOST package and realized the $8 million Ag Center, while somewhat controversial, “could be a real boon for our community. I applaud the residents that came forward with that initiative. I think that could be a real attractive benefit for our community.”