Ringgold eyes downtown crosswalk improvement

The city of Ringgold is working on a plan to upgrade a dipped sidewalk area and add a crosswalk to the intersection of Tennessee Street and Lafayette Street downtown.

Officials in Ringgold are evaluating a potential downtown sidewalk improvement that will allow them to add a crosswalk to the intersection of Tennessee and Lafayette streets.

During the June 10 council meeting, City Manager Dan Wright presented the proposed project for discussion as a way of enhancing downtown connectivity.

"The approximate location of the proposed crosswalk and stormwater structure is across Lafayette Street at Tennessee Street," Wright said. "We would have to place some ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) skids at the end of it before you enter the right-of-way area."

Wright explained that early projections for the project have it coming in a little over $2,700.

"Our public works director, Mike Cagle, prepared an estimate of $2,545 in hard costs, and then about $200 worth of equipment," Wright explained. "It (the project) would have to be a fund balance type project because all of our other monies have been appropriated in the street department."

Mayor Nick Millwood says business growth near the location has highlighted the need for the crosswalk.

"Where the new Southern Charm building has gone in, there's a significant dip at the sidewalk where that sidewalk comes to Lafayette Street," Millwood said. "It's a pretty big drop off there, so we're talking about leveling that to the road and just striping it across the road. Overall downtown connectability is the goal there and safety."

Ultimately, the council voted to proceed with the project and also talk to the business owner about the future of the sidewalk and negotiate how the property will fit into the city's visioning plan.

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