Resaca residents voice opinions on sale of Ingle House

Residents of Resaca came to let their voices heard on the potential sale Ingle House Tuesday, Feb. 13, even though the regular meeting had to be cancelled due to illness. No decision was made and the Council stressed they were only getting input.

"It won't be sold anytime soon, if that's the way it goes," said Brandon Bowen, the city attorney.

Ricky Smith was the first to voice his concern about selling the property. "I love this community," he said. "Some people don't believe the government should fund (things like the Ingle House). I'm not one of those."

Historic preservation was one his concerns.

"It's a landmark," he said of the house that was built in late 1800s. Smith also said the property was still an "opportunity for success" and encouraged Resaca to promote it more. The Town bought the house for about $150,000 and invested as much into it. It was paid for with SPLOST funds and the Town does not owe anything on it. It recently appraised around $250,000, which means Resaca is about $50,000 in the red.

"It seems to me, at this point, it wouldn't be the time to sell it," Smith said. "It seems you should have user fees set up and promote it."

Resident Steve Wright said he didn't care if they sold the property or not, but agreed the council should look into recuperating the money spent. He also expressed concern about Resaca buying properties like the Ingle House.

"We just can't purchase every old house out there," he said.

The property was purchased after a bitter battle between the owner and the Town over right of way concerning the road that cuts through the property. At the time, the road was considered private property, even though in the past, residents could use it. The battle forced the home into foreclosure and the Town bought the property. If sold, Ingle Circle will remain town property.

The regular Resaca Town Council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13. The Town will continue to investigate whether the Ingle House should be sold and will take input from residents.