MARIETTA — Visitors to Six Flags Over Georgia will once again have 12 roller coasters to enjoy next Memorial Day weekend.

Park officials on Thursday showed off construction progress on the Twisted Cyclone, the coaster that will replace the former Georgia Cyclone, which thrilled its final riders in July. Its replacement was announced in August, and crews expect to have the ride finished in time for summer visitors.

The new ride will use about 60 percent of the structural supports of the former Georgia Cyclone, all of which will be repainted before the roller coaster’s opening. But the new coaster will have an entirely new track made of steel, which will replace the former wooden track.

The rails will lead riders up to the coaster’s high point 100 feet from the ground before taking them into a steep 75-degree initial drop into a “reverse cobra roll” that will put riders perpendicular to the ground.

Construction is expected to be completed some time in late April or early May, after which extensive testing of the ride will take place before the first park guests climbing into the cars, which will resemble 1960s sports convertibles. Stephens said the roller coaster is expected to be put through several hundred ride cycles for its testing and as part of employee training for the ride.