MARIETTA — The sounds of silence met Trion Mayor Larry Stansell’s call on Thursday for a motion in support of a first reading of a “tethering ordinance” he had proposed for the town. None of the four council members present – Councilwoman Becky McWhorter was absent – put a motion forward.

The proposed ordinance included wording requiring cats be kept on their owner’s property and insisting cats have a rabies tag and a tag identifying the owner.

Last month Stansell suggested that council replace its current animal control ordinance with one modeled on one used by Cedartown. That ordinance prohibits tethering dogs other than as a means of temporary confinement.

“I’ll bring it back with the cat portions taken out,” he said. “I think I’ve got 100 percent support of the tethering ordinance.”

Stansell said the Cedartown ordinance also has requirements about the size of the shelter the animal owner is required to provide.

City Attorney Albert Palmour seemed surprised that the ordinance was aimed at cats.

“I’ve never seen a cat ordinance,” he said.