SUMMERVILLE — Reducing speeds and installing a traffic light are two ways Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters will address mishaps going over Taylor Ridge on Highway 27.

The highway across the ridge has been deadly in the last few years. The alleged increase in traffic crashes along that corridor has generated some outcry from the community.

Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader said deputies have been run-ning radar on that route to get an average speed people are driving. The sheriff said oftentimes speed is not the main issue. Several of the crashes on the ridge involved distracted drivers and people running off the shoulder of the roadway.

The commissioner is asking the Georgia Department of Transportation to lower the speed on Highway 27 to 45 mph between Sloppy Floyd Lake Road and the crossroads in Gore.

While many locals are accustomed to driving across the road at higher speeds, the county is seeing a lot of out-of-the-county travelers. Up to 17,000 people cross the ridge each day, the commissioner said.

“People are trying to avoid Chattanooga,” Winters said.

The second prong to Winter’s campaign to make ridge traffic safer is installing a traffic light at the intersection in Gore. The cost is about $200,000 and Winters is asking the state to pay the majority of its installation.