SUMMERVILLE — Within a span of two weeks, Chattooga County Sher-iff Mark Schrader has fired or allowed three of his employees to resign.

Deputy Kenneth Martin resigned Monday in lieu of termination, the sher-iff said. The sheriff just started an administrative review of the deputy’s behavior during a Trion domestic squabble Sunday.

Deputy Martin and his wife, Megan, allegedly got into a domestic squab-ble on Nov. 12.

“Megan stated that her husband, Kenneth Martin, was drinking heavily during the day and they began to argue. [Megan] stated that at one point she was sitting on a padded stool and Kenneth was sitting in a chair when they argued,” according to a Trion police report.

At one point, Martin reportedly pushed his wife, who was holding their young child, the officer stated. Megan then began calling for help from Mar-tin’s parents in Armuchee. While waiting on them to arrive, Deputy Mar-tin’s brother, Aaron, arrived to help.

“Aaron and Kenneth started arguing and fighting. [Megan] stated that at this time, Aaron was dragging Kenneth to the car to take him to Armuchee and Kenneth was bleeding,” the report stated. “[Megan] stated that she waited about contacting police for a while but she got worried about what Kenneth might try to say about her and his injuries from fighting.”

No charges have been filed.