Fire educators with Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services recently traveled to Ace Academy in Canton to allow students to participate in the Drunk Busters program.

Drunk Busters is a program teaching students about the difficulties of being impaired from drinking alcohol. Students are given special drunk buster goggles to wear while participating in three different exercises. While wearing the goggles, students are asked to take a pitcher of water and fill a couple of glasses, put together a simple puzzle and walk a straight line. The most significant exercise is when the students are asked to get on a pedal kart and travel in and out of a line of pylon on the street to simulate driving while drunk.

“Wearing the goggles simulates the effects of impairment and it shows the students how difficult it becomes when doing a simple, every day activity while being under the influence,” Senior Fire Educator Lisa Grisham said.

Alcohol-impaired driving accounts for more than 30% of all driving fatalities each year, including 4,700 teenagers, a number that is more than all illegal drugs combined. Impaired driving is a crime and also results in significant fines, higher insurance costs and even losing your license. "Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services is committed to educating our teenagers about the dangers of drinking and driving, because the life they save may be their own," department officials said in a statement.

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