The city of Smyrna will pay its staff almost $300,000 extra next year through merit increases calculated on employees’ performance evaluations.

The city employs around 400 full-time workers and has just approved $296,415 in merit increases for fiscal 2020, making the average pay raise among staff a little under $750.

“We try to keep our employees that we have, they do a very good job for us,” Smyrna City Council member Charles Welch said at the council’s regular meeting this week. “This is simply a raise for each of our employees.”

Smyrna’s finance director, Kristin Robinson, said all of the city’s full-time employees will get merit increases.

Another 40 or so part-time staff will also get raises, Robinson said.

While budgeting for the 2020 fiscal year, the city included $299,000 in a contingency fund for the merit increases.

Employee evaluations were completed by June 30, showing the appropriate merit increases for staff totaled $296,415, or around $2,500 less than anticipated, city documents show.

The vote to approve the raises passed 6-0 at the council’s meeting Monday.

Smyrna employees’ raises will be effective Jan. 1, 2020, documents show.

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