Two Marietta sex offenders have absconded and can’t be found by authorities, police say.

Bryan Drew Burgess and Anthony Rhea Outlaw weren’t at their registered addresses when Cobb sheriff’s deputies checked on them recently, and are believed to be dodging further arrest, according to warrants.

Burgess, 36, was not at his usual Lorene Drive lodgings, off Austell Road in south Marietta, when deputies checked on him on Nov. 12 and 13, his arrest warrant states.

“The room was vacant and had no personal belongings inside,” the warrant states, adding that the leasing agent told officers they “took custody” of the room on Nov. 9. “Accused whereabouts are unknown at this time and he is believed to be absconded.”

Police said Burgess was convicted of aggravated child molestation in 2000.

Outlaw, convicted of child molestation in 2002, has also disappeared from Cobb authorities’ view, records show.

Officers went to the Roswell Street address where Outlaw had been living, on Nov. 13, finding him nowhere to be seen.

The property manager told officers he banned Outlaw from living on site in mid-October.

Both Burgess and Outlaw have been charged with fresh felony counts of failing to update their home address information, records show.

While the Cobb jail has a record for Burgess, it does not have one for Outlaw, a Cobb sheriff’s office spokesman confirmed Wednesday.

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