The Dakoro Art Gallery, located at 227 Sandy Springs Place, Suite 522 in Sandy Springs, will host an exhibition with works from international artist Diana Manole June 1 through 29.

An opening reception will take place June 1 from 3 to 7 p.m.

Manole is a native of Romania, and she graduated from the Nicolae Iorga University and the prestigious Braila School of Art. She came to America in 1988. Manole is recognized for her unique technique of literately painting via a palette knife.

“It has been said she is as refreshing in spirit as are her extraordinary vibrant paintings,” gallery owner Dakoro Edwards said. “It is not surprising upon meeting the artist that her palette is bold, her perspective worldwide and her subject matter strikingly energetic. These are the qualities of the artist, and her work seems to engender a certain joie de vivre that compels the viewer to visit and experience the places created.”

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