Salvation Army taking plastic

Lt. Jose Valentin of the Cobb County Salvation Army poses with a new red kettle that will accept credit card donations.

The ringing of bells and clinking of coins can only mean the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle season is here. The SA will once again be manning stations at shopping sites around Cobb County. But this year, the kerplunk of cash can be replaced with the swoosh of plastic.

At select bell-ringer locations, the Salvation Army will have credit card machines to take donations.

The SA found the need to accommodate the increasing number of shoppers who only carry plastic.

The machines make the donation quick and easy. They are set for a pre-determined donation amount (different at each location) and a quick swipe of the credit card is all that’s required of the customer.

But those who still want to drop their coins or bills in the bucket can do so. The traditional kettles will be on hand.

The Salvation Army is kicking off its monthlong Red Kettle campaign at 11 a.m. Saturday morning at the Glover Park main stage (The Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theater if weather forces them inside). Expect carolers, ROTC, a brass band and local dignitaries. The goal set by the Cobb and Douglas County branch of the SA is $338,000. All money donated in Cobb will be spent on programs in Cobb, SA officials said.

Look for red kettles at the Salvation Army’s partners: Kroger, Macy’s, Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

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