Old Mill Park

The new elevated boardwalk at Old Mill Park.

History buffs and nature fans will now have an easier time closely examining ruins on the banks of Vickery Creek in Roswell.

The city of Roswell has completed construction of the elevated boardwalk and connecting trails at Old Mill Park, near historic downtown at 95 Mill Street.

Dubbed “Phase III” of the restoration project, the boardwalk now gives visitors the chance to closely examine the Old Mill ruins.

The ruins were covered with overrun kudzu until this past spring, when goats were used to clear the area in an effort to keep the adjacent river free of chemical weed-killer.

Additionally, the restoration project included creation and expansion of ADA-accessible trails which connect to previously existing trails, making the area safer and more accessible to visitors of all abilities.

Taylor Smith, the project supervisor and Roswell Recreation and Parks employee, said this project “tells the story about why [the mill] is important and the role it played in forming Roswell.”

A focal point beneath the elevated boardwalk is the Mill’s original turbine, which was used for cotton processing until 1975.

To celebrate the completion of the Old Mill Park boardwalk and trails, Roswell Mayor Lori Henry, council members and the Recreation Commission invite the public to join them on Oct. 31 at 10 a.m. for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony.

A video showcasing the scope of the project can be found on the city of Roswell Facebook page at facebook.com/CityofRoswellGA/videos/336899553613102.

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